New skin care technical centre for Givaudan Active Beauty

An image of some of the laboratory equipment and instruments within Givaudan Active Beauty’s new skin care technical centreGivaudan Active Beauty has launched its new Skin Expertise Technical Centre in Pomacle, France to accelerate cosmetics research and development projects. The Care Co. is the South African representative for Givaudan Active Beauty.

This 100m2 cutting-edge biology facility combines genomic, transcriptomic, proteomic, cell culture and skin explants’ analysis, representing a CHF 0.5 million (approx. R7 million) investment. It is fully dedicated to speed up evaluation of the pipeline of ingredients stemming from the four technology pillars of the company: blue and white biotechnologies; green technology and microbiome research.

Inspired by the pharmaceutical drug discovery model, this new expertise centre is integrated in Givaudan Active Beauty’s entire discovery chain, offering high throughput screening capabilities to rapidly identify and select lead compounds with new biological activities.

Research-driven innovation

A scientist looking through a microscope at Givaudan Active Beauty’s new skin care technical centreThe centre will provide a platform for designing new tests and screening methods targeting strategic biological functions for skin beauty, such as melanin synthesis, extracellular matrix

components production, inflammatory cascades or detoxification pathways. Candidate compounds will be qualified on human cells and skin explants before being further evaluated in the company’s clinical assessment unit, to study their mode of action and activity on volunteers versus placebos.

This new scientific facility will also contribute to the company’s strategic R&D activity on the human skin microbiome in coordination with its Metagenomics Expertise Centre in Toulouse, France.

Creating actives for the future

A scientist testing an active substance at Givaudan Active Beauty’s new skin care technical centreLaurent Bourdeau, head of Active Beauty, says: ‘We are extremely proud to inaugurate this new Skin Expertise Technical Centre in Pomacle. It reveals our strong willingness to constantly extend and enhance our skills and experience in skin science to bring added value to our customers. Our skin experts have a new opportunity to increase the extent of their studies, to craft tomorrow’s active ingredients.’

Romain Reynaud, R&D director, adds: ‘Our team of scientists master a unique integrated process to discover and develop performant active ingredients. They are managing all the steps from high throughput in vitro screening to clinical trials using the most advanced technologies. Thanks to this new technical centre, we will further our research while being more reactive to answer our customers’ expectations.’

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