New features added to Pit Boss Pumps for dewatering and solids-handling

ARO have added features to its dewatering and solids-handling pumps that have improved upon the patented technologies and proven designs that have already made the brand famous in the industrial, mining and construction sectors worldwide.  

Model: 66M3X0-XXX-C – 217 GPM (821.3 LPM) 

Ideal answer to big volume applications where performance is a must 

•          Reliability – Patented “unbalanced” air valve eliminates stalling and freezing 

•          Serviceability – Easy access to ball checks and fluid caps for easy maintenance and repair 

•          Versatility – Comfort grip handles allow maximum portability 

•          Solids Handling – Capable of pumping semi-solids and solids up to 1″ (25.4 mm) 

•          Screened Inlet – Keeps unwanted debris out of the pump

Air & Vacuum pit boss pumps

Model: 66M3X0-XXX-C – 217 GPM (821.3 LPM) 

•          Intrinsically Safe – Pneumatic operation provides safe use in hazardous and explosive applications 

•          Power Suction Lift – Designed to evacuate liquids and solids out of critical areas without fail 

•          Typical Applications – Mining, construction, and general industrial dewatering and solids handling applications 

Pit Boss Dewatering Pumps for Tough Projects 

•          This line of air operated diaphragm pumps was developed especially for mining, construction, sump and other operations where a reliable, portable de watering and solids-handling pump is an everyday requirement. These dewatering pumps were named the “Pit Boss” for its tough, uncompromising performance and construction. 


•          66312 Air-line connection kit: contains piggyback filter/regulator with gauge, pipe nipple and a 5′ section of hose 

•          P29241-610 Filter/Regulator 

•          637434 Air Section Service Kit 

•          637467-XX Fluid Section Service Kit 

Pump Casing Materials 

•          Aluminium 

Centre Body Material 

•          Aluminium 

Diaphragm Options 

•          Hytrel 

•          Nitrile 

•          Santoprene  Read more in the September/October edition of Industrial Buyer.

Air and Vaccum Technologies

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