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Italtile’s Circle Black patchworks retell the timeless tale of black-and-white geometric design.
The Circle Black range by Prissmacer Ceramica of Spain, now available through Italtile, feature contrasting geometric black and white patterns.

The black-and-white aesthetic is arguably one of the most appealing looks that plays well in any setting, from classic, through natural and urban, even into boho, and onward to modern. The combo has been around probably since the concept of interior design was born! It’s the most versatile pairing: white creates the illusion of space and black conjures up depth. Trends come and go, with their exciting but fickle colour palettes, while spaces that feature black and white in the base canvas stay relevant and crisp.

With this in mind, it makes good sense to invest in Italtile’s newest black-and-white arrival – the Circle Black range by Prissmacer Ceramica of Spain. Renowned for their flair, passion and originality, Prissmacer Ceramica have retold the timeless story of contrasting geometric black and white pattern in Circle Black, with uncompromising simplicity.

This timeless new classic will add freshness to pretty much any moodboard and all surfaces, contrasting beautifully with most finishes, from blond woods to dark screeds. Adding pattern to a moodboard is a great way to create calm. The eye fixes on the pattern and finds comfort in the repetition. So really, Circle Black is the ideal anti-anxiety therapy you never knew you needed!

Along Italtile’s LiveGreen journey, we walk alongside partners whose sustainable practices resonate with our own, and Prissmacer Ceramica are eco-chic at heart, continually seeking to minimise their environmental impact at every touchpoint.

Prissmacer is also uncompromising about quality. “If it’s not perfect, it’s not Prissmacer”, is their catchphrase. Exhaustive quality tests are undergone before a tile is allowed to leave the premises with the Prissmacer signature.

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