Silicones are safe, effective and sustainable

By Abby Vorster

Harmonie Derived Naturals by Momentive meet the needs of conscious consumers and clean beauty hair care formulations alike. 

Savannah silicones hair care (PCR)

Sustainability matters just as much as performance when it comes to meeting consumers’ hair care needs. Silicones have sustained their popularity in the category for several reasons and are now more relevant than ever with the clean beauty movement.

The safety of silicones is well-established. Silicones are derived from quartz, i.e. sand, which is the second most abundant mineral on earth. 

In hair care applications, they impart various benefits. Silicones can provide customised, multifaceted hair care solutions based on the hair type or trend, such as embracing curls and wearing textured hair naturally. To address these preferences, shampoos and conditioners can be precisely engineered using silicones for mild to intense conditioning, frizz control, or heat and colour protection. 

Naturalised gum blends

From enabling new formulations to improving the composition of existing products, Momentive’s Harmonie Derived Naturals are proven to improve the performance, efficiency, application and sensory appeal of products. 

Included in this new range of silicone ingredients is the Harmonie Silken series of naturalised gum blends. Harmonie Silken E gum blend utilises an ultra-high molecular weight dimethicone gum while Harmonie Silken OL gum blend utilises an ultra-high molecular weight dimethiconol gum. These gum blends also consist of C13-16 Isoparaffin, which is a natural ingredient manufactured via the fermentation of sugarcane. 

With high spreadability and soft after-feel, the Harmonie Silken gums are excellent candidates for conditioners and leave-on hair care applications. In skin care products, the series offers light textures with a non-tacky, non-greasy and silky, elegant feel. In sunscreen, they can mitigate the greasy feel of organic sun filters to impart a silky feel. In makeup, the gum blends can facilitate a smooth and even application for lipsticks and foundations. 

Ideal alternative to traditional elastomers

Harmonie Sleek Ionic Gel is another remarkable technology in Momentive’s Harmonie Derived Naturals line. As a sensory enhancing, multi-functional and naturally derived ingredient, this gel provides a unique, smooth, silky and cushioning skin feel. 

Harmonie Sleek Ionic Gel opens a new world of possibilities in naturalised beauty and hair care. Unlike traditional silicone elastomers, it offers excellent hydrophilic compatibility and pigment dispersion as well as clear formulations. It also has the unique ability of forming PEG free hydrogels with different water/polyol systems, which opens new avenues for creating a large variety of textures without an emulsifier. 

With a natural origin index 0.63, Harmonie Sleek Ionic Gel is an ideal alternative to traditional silicone elastomers for naturalised products with remarkable sensory properties. Suitable hair care applications include serums, leave on sprays and oils. It has also been proven to help reduce hair frizz when formulated in a leave-on conditioner – see Table 1. 

Are silicones sustainable?

Today, silicones are among the most extensively studied materials in consumer products, pharmaceuticals and industrial applications. More than 1 000 studies have been conducted by silicone manufacturers to assess the safety of silicones relative to consumers, the environment, workers and manufacturing processes. 

It has been extensively proven that the small amounts of silicones found in water end up in the soil where they will degrade by reversion back to sand, confirming that silicones do not build up in the environment. In addition, volatile silicones evaporate rapidly and degrade in air under the influence of sunlight. 

A report published by the Canadian government in 2021 concluded that “siloxane D5 does not pose a danger to the environment” and “it will not accumulate to sufficiently great concentrations to cause adverse effects in organisms in air, water, soils, or sediments.” Silicones enable sustainability through increased performance. They allow products to last longer and reduce the number of resources and amount of energy required to produce the products in which they are used. 

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Savannah silicones hair care (PCR)

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