New optical dissolved oxygen meter

The portable opdo meter (HI98198) is stored in a convenient carrying case and is always prepared for successful testing in tough environments.

The new optical DO meter requires minimal maintenance, bringing simplicity to DO testing. The portable, rugged design and advanced optical sensor help customers get the best possible accuracy while in the field.

This optical DO meter (HI98198) requires no membranes, filling solutions, or warm-up time so testing can start right away. A digital optical DO probe with Smart Cap Technology makes this meter hassle-free and easy to use. With automatic cap recognition, the smart cap features a built-in RFID reader that stores important calibration data for added traceability.

The smart cap can be replaced annually, and the meter will notify the user at the time of expiration. Tougher by design, Hanna’s optical DO meter (HI98198) is waterproof, IP67-rated and can withstand immersion in water of 1m for up to 30 minutes. The optical DO probe is IP68-rated featuring a strong ABS body and stainless-steel protective guard for testing in rough environments.


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