New rubberised waterproofing now available in easy-to-use spray can

super laykold spray & seal

Super laykold spray & seal, a rubberised waterproofing, is now available in retail stores

Late last year, a.b.e. Construction Chemicals launched super laykold spray & seal in all Builders Warehouse, Builders Express and Builders Trade Depot stores.

The product is now also available at more retailers and has been well received by consumers.

Super laykold spray & seal is another product offer in the super laykold product range after the original super laykold – a rubberised bitumen waterproofing emulsion you use with abe membrane for a liquid waterproofing system. The super laykold product brand has been around since 1943. Super laykold tape is also a known product which is a bitumen peel and stick waterproofing.

Super laykold spray & seal is  available in black and is used for   sealing  cracks in walls and brickwork, leaking gutters, roof tiles and roof sheeting, cement plant pots and tanks, water features (non-marine), as well as existing waterproofing. The product has excellent adhesion and flexibility of 150% elongation, which makes it unique to the market.

The product has several other advantages, but probably the most advantageous is the fact that it needs no primer and is paintable once cured. Before you use the product, clean the surface area of any greasy substrates and loose flakes. Shake the can well – until you hear the mixing ball inside the container freely floating and mixing the product. It is then as easy as simply point and apply with thin, even strokes. Super laykold spray & seal is touch dry within 35 minutes and cures after 18 hours.

In cool and dry conditions, the product will last at least 12 months. It is therefore important that after use, turn the canister upside down and spray until the contents no longer emerge from the actuator. The actuator, valve and stem are now clean and the can is ready for storage.

This solvent based, bitumen-free, rubberised waterproofing compound is truly super DIY user friendly waterproofing in a can and makes small waterproofing jobs quick and easy.

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