Clariant introduces TexCare Gemini SG Terra for high-performing eco detergents 

Clariant’s exclusive soil release polymer technology simplifies formulators’ lives by eliminating the need for additional thickeners. It also provides excellent extra cleaning benefits for improved cleaning power of laundry detergents.

TexCare Gemini SG Terra is Clariant’s latest innovation for laundry liquid applications. It provides formulators with one product with a double function, offering a high-performing soil release polymer that keeps the rheology of the detergent under control. 

Thickening agents are widely used in liquid laundry detergents to adjust the rheology and characteristics of the detergent, to provide consumers with convenient and easy-to-use products. In formulations with challenging viscosity profiles, polymers are often used as thickening agents, which provide no other functions but add cost and complexity to formulations and are typically not biodegradable and harmful to aquatic life. 

Image: Clariant

Effective stain removal is key

Clariant has a long record of innovation in the laundry liquid detergents category and history of constantly broadening the range of products on offer. The company developed TexCare Gemini SG Terra as a leading-edge solution in the soil release polymer category for hard-to-thicken detergent formulations, making supplementary thickeners obsolete. 

“Clariant’s TexCare range is a long-established technology helping laundry brands to launch detergents that provide consumers with top results in stain removal, prolong the life of clothing and wash at reduced temperatures without performance compromises,” said Mike Haspel, Head of Personal & Home Care at Clariant. “With TexCare Gemini SG Terra, customers have a choice of soil release polymers to meet specific formulation needs when rheology control is a challenge.” 

Image: Clariant

In support of eco-friendly wash cycles

As part of Clariant’s sustainability transformation, this multifunctional polymer category is now offered with a high renewable carbon content. 

In addition to its rheology control technology and easy use, the new polymer delivers superior secondary wash performance on polyester-containing fabrics. As with other TexCare grades, it meets high sustainability standards.

At first, introduced as part of Clariant’s Terra range, it has a renewable carbon index (RCI) of 80%. Furthermore like all TexCare grades, it allows for colder and shorter wash cycles, that provides increased convenience, reduced water usage and lower energy consumption for the consumers benefit. All of which also helps make clothes last lost longer, further supporting today’s sustainability-minded and cost-conscious consumer lifestyles. 

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