New Test: Enumeration of E. coli and Coliforms in water - Colitag™ and MPN™ Plate 1600

Colitag™ is a 16-48 hour water test (P/A and MPN) and can detect as few as 1 MPN of E. coli and other Coliform bacteria in 100ml of water.

All-in-one test kit

Every Colitag™ package contains snap-top blisters with a shelf life of 22 months from the manufacture date. Together with the MPN ™Plate-1600, the Colitag™ kit will provide you with an enumerated result. Colitag™ is US EPA approved for use as a presence/ absence test and in the Most Probable Number (MPN) format as specified in Standard Method 9221 for compliance monitoring of total Coliforms and E. coli in drinking water. Negative samples will be clear, Total Coliform positive samples are yellow and E. coli positive samples fluoresce under a black light.

Run it when you’re ready – read it when you’re ready

Colitag™ offers unrivalled flexibility in the market, allowing you to use one test instead of three to read your samples at any time within 16-48 hours. This eliminates the need to buy three separate tests to get the job done on your own time. No need for analysts to come in over weekends to check results.

Easy to use and count MPN Plate

The CPI International MPN Plate™- 1600 is a simple and easy to use device for enumerating microorganisms in a liquid sample. It is a modern approach to the traditional 15-tube serial dilution method and the statistical model of the most probable number (MPN) index, as published in the Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater (American Public Health Association, American Water Works Association, and Water Environmental Federation) and accepted worldwide. Replacing the time-consuming and labour intensive 15-tube dilution method, the device has five 10ml wells, five 1ml wells, five 0.1ml wells, and a 16th well for collecting the remaining sample. A mixture of reagent and sample is poured directly into the wells, filling all 15 wells first and the overflow well after. The device is then sealed with a film and setup for incubation. Result reading is direct and the MPN calculation is very simple.

EPA Approved for TCR Compliance Monitoring and EPA approved for both presence/absence and Most Probable Number (MPN) formats.

No need for expensive sealing equipment

The MPN Plate™-1600 is easy to seal and requires no expensive heat sealing equipment. This means that the sample can be tested at the source or the test can be started at the source and incubated in a portable incubator. This means results are available hours sooner.


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