Nigeria Society of Cosmetic Chemists becomes 50th IFSCC member

The International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists (IFSCC) is delighted to welcome the Society of Cosmetic Scientists, Nigeria (NICOS) as its 50th member society. This follows the unanimous approval of an application by NICOS at the IFSCC 2020 Council Meeting held virtually on 20 October.

“Please join me in welcoming NICOS to the IFSCC,” says (then) president of the IFSCC, Emanuele Piras. “This is the result of extraordinary work driven mainly by our friend and colleague, Grace Abamba, who has devoted all her energy to making this happen.”

Inspired by the rapidly expanding Nigerian cosmetics market, founders Abamba (president, NICOS) and Olusola Ojo (vice president, NICOS) formally registered the society earlier this year.

Members of NICOS
Members of NICOS with Grace Abamba (president) pictured fifth from the left and Olusola Ojo (vice president) third from left

Beauty and personal care grow in value

Abamba comments: “NICOS is proud to become the 50th member of the IFSCC. This milestone has been achieved at a turbulent time for Nigeria, but it is important to celebrate this as we hope for a brighter future. Personal care and beauty are really important to Nigerians and this is reflected in the growing value of the market. With the contributions of many, it is an honour to lead this pioneering effort as we work to support the new burst of creativity and drive in cosmetic science within Nigeria and the diaspora.” 

African representation increases 

NICOS is the third African Society to join IFSCC. The others are the Société Centre et Ouest Africaine de Cosmetologie (SCOAC)/Society of Central and West Africa and the Society of Cosmetic Chemists South Africa (Coschem).

Piras adds: “I feel extremely proud of being in charge when the newest society comes from Africa. It is a great sign of a positive globalisation for our organisation. I truly hope to meet the members of the Nigerian Society of Cosmetic Chemists next year at the IFSCC Conference in Cancun, Mexico.”

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