Octapharma brings new techonology to production site

One of the largest independent manufacturers of human protein products worldwide recently added the PAS-X Track & Trace Serialization Aggregation solution to Werum’s PAS-X at its production site in Vienna.

In a first step, PAS-X Track & Trace will be operated in the packaging area for the Chinese market. The serialisation data provided by the Chinese authorities is loaded and the used data is reported back. PAS-X Track & Trace is interfaced to the existing PAS-X and exchanges order and stock data with the MES. It is intended to install Werum’s PAS-X Track & Trace at further packaging lines for different target countries in the Vienna site.

Octapharma has a three-decade-long commitment to patient care and medical innovation. Its core business is the development, production and sale of human proteins from human plasma and human cell-lines. Patients in over 100 countries are treated with products in the areas of haematology, immunotherapy and critical care. The company owns five state-of-the-art production facilities in Austria, France, Germany, Sweden, and Mexico. 

Octapharma employs strict in-process quality control systems to ensure traceability, providing the complete documentation of the origin of all plasma donations, their processing and distribution to countries worldwide. The company requires a flexible and stringently validated system for marking, identifying and tracking their products.

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