OHAUS MB120 Moisture Analyser With SmartGuide

Moisture Analyser set-up and method development are the biggest challenges facing users. With SmartGuide, OHAUS has eliminated the steep learning curve associated with method development.

Ingeniously Practical

SmartGuide analyses and determines the exact heating method for your valuable samples with limited user input, shortening the setup process.

Operationally excellent

User Management function provides operational control and aids compliance by restricting access so that unauthorised users may use the device but not change settings.

Simply Efficient

Pre-set the parameters for up to 100 different sample types with instant access to those settings and over 1 000 end result reports at the push of a button.

Intuitively Precise

Fast Halogen heating technology and uniform drying for repeatable results.

Simplified method development.

  • More efficient work-flow
  • Less prep time
  • More time turning data into action

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