ONe answer to all your manufacturing needs

Welcome to ONe, a part of AECI Food and Beverage’s digitalisation journey – providing a direct line from us to you, our customer.

ONe is our e-commerce platform, a simplified solution for ordering food and beverage specialty products. Our goal for the platform is to provide our customers with a faster ordering process and the flexibility to purchase from anywhere, at any time. The platform is equipped with online chat functionality, ensuring that your questions are answered as soon as you ask them and you will have access to any past orders you have placed on the system – making it easier to re-order stock. As part of the launch of the platform, we are offering free delivery within South Africa until 15 December. 

ONe was birthed by combining customer-centricity, digitalisation, sustainability and our overarching brand message of ‘One AECI for a better world’. At AECI Food and Beverage, we are always trying to better serve our customers and we are certain that ONe will do exactly that.

Through our engaged people, innovative product solutions and sustainable business practices, AECI Food & Beverage supplies a range of technology-driven and consumer-led additives, ingredients and processing aids. Our focused product portfolio includes products/solutions into the following industries:  beverage, dairy, health and nutrition, and commodities.

This is just the beginning of AECI Food and Beverage’s transformation, so watch this space and explore ONe

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