One smart battery, over 1 000 possibilities!

Einhell’s Power-X-Change battery systems makes its range of power tools one of the most versatile battery platforms available to the market.

Einhell is a brand deserving of the title ‘battery experts’, with over 55 years business experience, more than 200 tools for both the home and garden, Einhell are the name behind the Power-X-Change battery system.

With the Power-X-Change active battery system users always have the correct rechargeable battery ready to use on all of its power tools. The computer-assisted Active Battery Management system permanently monitors and controls all the safety-related processes of the electrical components and associated hardware. The system fits all Einhell battery tools and offers long life, high power, quick charge, safety and German engineering.

What does this mean:

· Products are powered by a single 18V rechargeable battery with a second battery added on selected tools to generate 36V – called twin-pack technology

· If the voltage (V) gets doubled, the power wattage (W) gets doubled too

· Double Twin-Pack technology where four rechargeable batteries are used makes it possible to work for even longer without the nuisance of recharging – when the power of the first two batteries runs out, the system automatically switches over to the two additional batteries.

Power-X-Change Plus

Rechargeable batteries vary in terms of running time, weight and the power that they provide..

Power-X-Change Plus technology makes more power available from the same number of cells. Users can confidently work with plenty of power on even the most challenging applications. Using an angle grinder for cutting work does not require huge running time (see Ah rating), but sufficient power is critical – compared to a car, when overtaking or travelling uphill, the car uses more power. The same for happens to a grinder. So, additional Killowatt is required to perform this action satisfactory and this is exactly what Power-X-Change plus offers.

Various Power-X-Change devices are equipped with brushless motors which ensure more power, longer running time, longer service life, compact design and maintenance free brushless energy.

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