Open Sesame!

Hillaldam is the first and only company in South Africa to offer the TOPP Automatic Door systems.
Hillaldam TOPP Automatic Doors at The Bank in Rosebank, designed by Daffonchio Architects.

In the post-Covid era, it has become expected that many buildings will have automatic doors. They open when movement is detected, or at the push of a button, and close automatically. They are simple, safe and helpful. In fact, buildings with automatic doors create inviting and accessible entrances by creating ease of access for all their users, including children, older or disabled people and wheelchair users.

And while this might be common knowledge to most of us, a little known feature of automatic doors is that they open up a world of technology to their owners and users.

Security features

Hillaldam’s TOPP Automatic Doors not only make everyday life easier, but they can simply and seamlessly integrate with any security feature – from creating a barrier in order to keep someone out, to alerting its user when the door is triggered to open. Access control is often the biggest requirement for automatic doors. Biometric readers, key cards and RFID systems can trigger the door to open for those who have the necessary permission, while keeping out those not authorised for entry.

Smart technology

The TOPP Auto system can be set to five different time zones in a day, for seven days a week, in order to change the way in which the doors operate. This allows a building to be programmed to be locked at certain times or allowing restricted access during other business hours. Different levels of security clearance can be pre-programmed and general public access permitted at certain times of the day. This smart building technology can reduce the need for manned entrances and save money for building owners.

Health and safety features

With smoking regulations stringently enforced worldwide, building owners are responsible for the health of their patrons. The TOPP Auto’s Air Curtain is an ideal solution for an entrance to a smoking section in an airport, hotel or restaurant. The door can be set to trigger the air curtain to run while the door is opening and closing to ensure a separation of environment from the smoking area to the non-smoking area.

Hillaldam Sliding Door Systems are the first and only company in South Africa to offer the TOPP Automatics to the commercial and residential market, and is backed by nationwide technical support.

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