Optimise industrial recipes on a smaller scale with new mini freeze dryer

LABOTEC - LYOBETATELSTAR has launched a new R&D freeze-dryer, the new LYOBETA MINI, a small-scale unit that occupies less space in the research lab, but with all the capabilities of an industrial freeze-dryer.

All capabilities of an industrial freeze-dryer can be found in this new compact Lyobeta Mini Freeze-dryer; allowing optimisation of industrial recipes on a smaller unit, and optimising scale-up time and therefore reducing time to market for finished forms.  Applications for the LyoBeta Mini can be found in academic, industrial pharmaceutical or biotechnology markets, both for research and development, as well as for small productions.

LyoBeta Mini will be produced at Telstar factory in Terrassa. Saleable units are already available to the market from their local agents Labotec.

The LyoBeta range of laboratory and R&D freeze-dryers offers high specifications and advanced performance for optimum freeze-drying results throughout all stages of freeze-drying process development. LyoBeta Mini facilitates understanding of the key parameters of a freeze-drying process and provides a very valuable tool for process scale-up at stages approaching production. LyoBeta Mini offers similar features to larger units while occupying less space in research laboratories.

Some features from the LyoBeta where you can expect the highest freeze-drying performance with minimum footprint:

  • Touch screen for unit control with PLC
  • Shelf temperature control from -55°C to +70°C
  • 5l condenser capacity
  • <-85°C condenser temperature
  • Vacuum monitoring and control
  • Temperature sensors for product and shelf monitoring
  • Aeration valve
  • Flexible shelf area
  • Automatic defrosting
  • User friendly and intuitive interface for easy operation

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