Orion Versatile Versa Star Pro Electrochemistry Meters

Designed to meet the most challenging applications with ease, the Thermo Scientific Orion Versa Star Pro benchtop meters allow you to configure your meter systems with interchangeable measurement modules to customise four channels.  As your needs change, the configuration can be changed for optimal performance using their rich enhanced features and functionality.

These enhancements include an expanded calibration log size from 10 to 30 calibration logs per parameter, the addition of temperature calibrations to the calibration log, restructuring of the methods to allow methods to be copied across all four channels, the addition of incremental techniques to methods and updated alphanumeric popup screen to grid layout for easier navigation.  Orion Versa Star Pro meters also offer expanded USB printer compatibility with PCL 6 driver hardware for better compatibility with recent, commercially available USB printers. 

Easily view your measurements on a large colour display with adjustable text sizes.  Take the guesswork out of meter calibration and set it up with onscreen instructions.  Enjoy quick and simple data entry using the numeric keypad.  Orion Versa Star Pro meters also offer a system access feature for administrative and custom user access levels to various meter functions including data/time settings, meter setup, data log, and calibration log. The system access feature can easily be turned on or off as the needs of your lab change for flexibility in operation and ease of use.

Your benefits:

• Select modules to measure pH, ion concentration (ISE), conductivity, dissolved oxygen and LogR temperature

• Onscreen measurement stability indicator shows when readings are ready

• View active calibration log while taking measurements to ensure data integrity

• Audible alarms notify offset value, high/low limit, and calibration time limit

• Mix samples using meter-controlled stirrer probes that can be easily rinsed

• Collect up to 2 000 data sets with time/ date stamp and optional electrode, sample and account identification

• Calibration log stores 30 calibrations per parameter

• Non-volatile memory preserves data and settings, even in event of power loss

• Transfer data to computer or printer via USB or RS232

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