‘Overwhelming response’ to launch of Integral

By Janice Roberts

Lara Warburton, Managing Director Imara Asset Management South Africa b-5

‘Overwhelming’ client support is reported by Integral following the launch of the Illovo-based financial services company. The new business is majority owned by staff and comprises two complementary components – Integral Asset Management and Integral Wealth Management.

Chief executive officer of the asset management company is Dave Eliot. The wealth company is led by Lara Warburton. Both were previously senior executives with Imara Asset Management South Africa.

In less than a month of trading, aggregated assets under management (AUM) exceed R400 million, a rate of growth significantly ahead of projections for the start-up phase of the boutique investment firm. AUM of R1,5 billion is targeted for calendar year-end.

Eliot commented: “The investment team has a proven track record over many years. We seek consistent returns as experience shows this leads in the long term to above average performance for lower risk.

“We buy great companies with good management, sound strategies and excellent cash-flows, in sectors with high barriers to entry where the targeted company enjoys a measure of dominance. We don’t invest to run hard one month and sell the next.

“This philosophy gives us a substantial point of difference and we are excited to see so many clients share this outlook. Not all South Africans are looking for a fast profit and a rapid exit.”

The Integral sister companies share three core objectives:

To protect long-term relationships with an established client base
To build relationships based on trust and integrity
To prioritise client service and respect individuals and their needs

Wealth MD Lara Warburton noted: “We recognise that effective management of wealth is integral to everyone – it’s as important as breathing. Saving money so it can be lost to poor management or high costs is almost as bad as not saving at all.

“Our objective is to design a unique plan for each client, tailored to specific requirements and ensure the plan adapts and changes as their circumstances change.

“We have been overwhelmed thus far with the support shown for our offering.”

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