Personalised Design Just Got A Whole Lot Better

hansgrohe has introduced a new trendsetting range that takes their most popular lines of luxury bathroom and kitchen products to a whole new level. The FinishPlus range features a selection of unmistakeably elegant surface designs that bring affordable customisation into your home, allowing you to embrace your personal style and bring your own unique character into your space.

Make a statement with Polished Gold Optic, bringing a whole new feeling of opulence into your bathroom.

Say it with colour
With a host of design options to choose from, you can customise everything from bathroom mixers to shower pipes, shower controls and head showers – take your pick from the five incredible new looks and accentuate your aesthetic’s unique flavour.

Add unique shine to bathrooms with metallic colours
In the metallic FinishPlus range, choices include Brushed Black Chrome, Brushed Bronze, and Polished Gold Optic – a bold alternative to traditional chrome.

These elegant metallic colours from FinishPlus all have their own unique style and add a special touch of brilliance to your interior design. Make a statement with Polished Gold Optic, bringing a whole new feeling of opulence into your bathroom. Brushed Black Chrome and Brushed Bronze are both eye-catching options that allow your bathroom to shine with their exquisitely tactile style. You can also mix and match the new polished looks with rugged industrial surfaces or with bold colours for that ultra-modern look.

Create elegant contrasts with matt colours
Then, there is a choice of Matt White and Matt Black for connoisseurs of modern architecture who appreciate stark contrast. Their refined surfaces are the perfect finishing touches to any modern bathroom interior. If you’d rather skip the contrasting colours and take a tone-on-tone approach, though, you can create a smooth, all-enveloping environment in all black or all white, making a statement in seamless minimalism. But Matt Black and Matt White can also be interweaved into modern design with eclectic splashes of colour.

Where comfort and style meet
It’s not just what’s on the outside that counts. hansgrohe’s signature convenience and state-of-the-art design creates an outstanding water experience every time. In the bathroom, you can add elegant modern accents into the mix, with narrow tapering forms and perfectly coordinated lever handles and spouts, leaving timeless, lasting impressions.

There’s no need to compromise when it comes to space either, as the FinishPlus bathroom mixers also offer freedom of movement and choice when it comes to bowl size, thanks to their three different ComfortZones. If you just can’t get enough of FinishPlus, you can add a splash of colour to the kitchen, with hansgrohe’s new surface designs for kitchen taps. Discover the true joy of water and unmistakable style with hansgrohe’s FinishPlus bathroom and kitchen designs. You will never look at water the same way again.

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