Plantation Shutters: Always Thinking Outside The Box

Plantation Shutters built its new exhibition stand from a repurposed utilitarian high-cube shipping container.

Under the guidance of Sam Lurie from Sprout Design, Plantation Shutters designed a gorgeous pod from a repurposed utilitarian high-cube shipping container as a new exhibition stand.

Plantation Shutters, has always thrived on the latest trends and remaining a step ahead, so when they needed to build a new exhibition stand, they put their heads together to create something completely unique.

Having always loved interacting with homeowners, designers and architects at the many expos held around South Africa every year, they have looked for innovative ways to showcase their premium shutters. It wasn’t until the Plantation Shutters team met Herman and Clifford Hoffman of Container Rental and Sales that their dream became a reality.

Under the guidance of Sam Lurie from Sprout Design, they designed a trendy, funky and utterly gorgeous pod from a repurposed utilitarian high-cube shipping container that’s 6m long, 2,4m wide and extra tall at 2,89m.

“This is something we have wanted to do for a long time,” says Briggie Kirchmann, Marketing Director of Plantation Shutters. “We are fortunate to have creative professionals work with us on exciting projects like this. Although rooted in the most meticulous manufacturing standards, our brand is all about being on-trend and topical. Container Rental and Sales have worked on really interesting projects from the WOOF dog-adoption container, to the “Pigcasso the Painting Pig” art gallery container, to computer labs in Africa, to mountainside holiday pods. The possibilities are endless!”

Plantation Shutters’ first exhibit at JHB Homemakers Expo in February incited a huge amount of interest from the public including one visitor wanting to buy the container “as it was” as a gin bar for his upmarket home.

Here are the other expos where you’ll find them in 2018:

“This was such an exciting project to work on, and the turnaround time was very slick. Time pressure meant that our design had to be simple, and I believe that it’s ultimately this simplicity, the height of the high cube and the inherent structural details of the container we’ve left exposed, that allows the structural beauty of the container to shine through,” says Briggie. “We look forward to sharing our designer pod with the public.”

Plantation Shutters would like to thank their amazing sponsors and partners in this project:

  • Sam Lurie – Sprout Design
  • Clifford Hoffmann – Container Rental and Sales
  • Yvonne O’Brien – The Private House Co.
  • Richard Wallace – Eco Oak Flooring
  • Schane Schlebusch – Jacobs Transport

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