Plascon’s 2024 Autumn Colour Palette

The 2024 Autumn Colour Palette, aptly titled Origin, is deeply rooted in the cultural and natural heritage of South Africa. In a world marked by rapid change, Origin offers a sense of reassurance, continuity and comfort by drawing on our immediate surroundings.

The collection of eight muted hues embodies a sense of authenticity, representing the cultural heritage and artistry of the African continent with a warmth and style designed to infuse interiors with hope.

The warm beige Parmesan Sauce (Y5-C2-2) and cooler Light Reflection (Y6-A2-3), the two light neutrals in the palette, set the scene for rest and relaxation as ideal wall coatings. The natural clay-pink You’re My Sweetie (O4-C2-2), a more rustic take on the ever-popular Millennial  Pink, and the glowing golden Turkish Tart (Y2-B1-3) add further warmth to this comforting palette. For fiery excitement there are Ginger Biscuit (O1-C1-1), a colour reminiscent of traditional red clay pots, and Spanish Gold (Y1-C1-1).

The delicate sage of Green Fog (G1-E1-3), the only cool hue in the palette, perfectly complements the rustic warms, while Ewa (72), a dark charcoal black, adds a soft graphic contrast.

The tonal range of the Origin offers users flexibility and versatility to incorporate the colours in a way that works with a variety of decor styles. Despite the palette’s generally toned-down, mellow selection, decorators will enjoy employing particular combinations to create effortless yet eclectic interiors. Turkish Tart, for instance, brings cheerful warmth, while the richly saturated earthen Ginger Biscuit and Spanish Gold add heat. And the monochromatic duo Light Reflection and Ewa are ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. 

In its down-to-earth autumn palette, Plascon has captured the grounded physicality of craft and the importance of memories, both personal and cultural.

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