Plastics industry joins in efforts to provide water relief to drought stricken areas

PLASTICS SA - DROUGHT RELIEFMore donations of bottled water required

The South African plastics industry has joined the wave of volunteers helping to bring water relief to drought-stricken areas of our country, with the Maitland office of Plastics|SA becoming a collection point for water donations made by members of the public and businesses from Cape Town’s southern and northern suburbs.

“Low rainfall in parts of South Africa has caused severe drought and water scarcity. Five out of our nine provinces have been declared disaster areas. We’ve heard harrowing stories of children competing with cows for drinking water and farmers committing suicide, and knew that we had a role to play to bring relief where we could,” explains John Kieser, Sustainability Manager of Plastics|SA.

According to Kieser, one of the biggest needs was containers that could be used to transport large quantities of water to areas as far afield as Northern Cape, Free State and the North West Province. Once again the plastics industry stepped up to the plate, with Nampak Containers donating sixty 25 litre drums and Polyoak Packaging donating 750 twenty and 25-litre drums.

“The water we help to collect goes to a multitude of destinations, with each destination using the water sparingly to meet their individual needs.   We are happy to report that the first shipment of water left Cape Town on the 10 January with 1 800 litres of water. Every single truck dispatched has reached its destination safely and without incident,” Kieser reports.  Collections for water will continue indefinitely and until the drought has broken.

“We especially need more bottled water for drinking purposes.  As lakes dry up, mud mixes with the remainder of the water. Animals and humans often have to compete for this precious water. Donated tap water is being used in villages and towns for laundry and washing,” Kieser explains.

How to get involved:

Donate water by either buying bottled water or by filling up empty bottles you may have. Take your bottles to Plastics SA or your nearest donation station.  Please clearly mark accordingly:

DW = Drinking water. This is for human consumption only.

TW = Tap, Rain or Tank water. To be used for live-stock or sanitary use.

Cash donations can be made to help fund the transport of water to disaster areas where the people/animals need it most. Donations can be made to: Erasmus & Kie Trust, Standard Bank, Account Number: 040 254 763, Branch Code: 055 435.  Reference: WSSA & your name

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