Automation – The Hot Trend In Pool Covers

The swimming pool industry sits on the cusp of a new trend – pool cover automation, according to PowerPlastics Pool Covers.

PowerPlastics Pool Covers has recently launched a new automation option, the solar-powered Georoller, which is a rollup station operated with a remote control or directly on the unit.

Just twenty years ago pools were considered interesting if they had a fountain and rounded shapes. Pools were traditionally large and deep and pool pumps were clunky and expensive to run by today’s standards. Child safety around the pool was addressed by adding a pool fence or net, arm bands and getting some swimming lessons.

Thankfully things change and pools have come of age, but a number of other issues have come into play. Water is a key consideration and so is power. Child drownings are still far too common. Thankfully, pool covers have also come of age and are a simple solution to some of these serious problems. The industry sits on the cusp of a new trend – pool cover automation, according to PowerPlastics Pool Covers, a leader in pool covers for over 25 years.

“Today’s pool covers tick various boxes on water saving, electricity saving, safety and financial savings but the average pool owner is now looking for a little bit more bang for their buck,” says Merce Williams at PowerPlastics Pool Covers. “He wants a pool that is practical and reflects his lifestyle and aspirations, and a big part of that is down to the pool cover, not just the pool design. Ease of use has become key to the all-important customer experience, followed by aesthetic appeal. With a deep understanding of exactly what the market expects from their covers, PowerPlastics Pool Covers has curated a series of automation solutions for pool covers at all levels of the market.”

Starting at the top end of property, the Roldeck fully automatic covers are the perfect finish and will raise the value of the property. Imported from the Netherlands and a leader in European markets, Roldecks offer clean lines and push-of-a-button ease of use.

“These are modern pool covers with all the bells and whistles – the Rolls Royce. A Roldeck cover is made up of a series of slats which float on the surface of the water and roll in and out. The mechanics can be seamlessly incorporated into the pool and the controls linked to the home’s automation system. The Roldeck slats come in a variety of colours and types, with different slats for different purposes such as heating, aesthetics, etc. The cover can either be retro fitted or planned for at the start of the pool build with a below ground fitment option,” says Williams.

Within this automatic slatted range is the Solar-powered Slatted Cover which is a beautiful way to bring further sustainability to the pool with its solar panel functionality.

A slatted cover can have a safety feature added to protect children from drowning accidents. By adding a stainless steel rail system, the cover can carry weights of up to 50kg per metre2, providing a safe barrier to safeguard children. Pets are also protected.

For lighter budgets but still delivering on automation, the PowerPlastics Solid Safety Cover is the most trusted safety cover on the market. This Solid Safety Cover can be semi-automated with a Vektor Rollup Station, making single person use effortless. It attaches to a baton on the cover and “walks” the cover on and off the pool.

“Our Solid Safety Cover complies with the SABS safety certification as outlined in SABS 10134. This recommended standard then forms part of the South African Building Standard or SANS 10 400D, which restricts public access to a pool.

“Safety and automation aside, the cover seals off the water which makes it far more sustainable from a power and water standpoint when compared to nets and fences,” says Williams.

Looking at the thermal cover market, PowerPlastics Pool Covers has recently launched a new automation option for covers using GeoBubble material. The Solar-powered Georoller is a rollup station operated with a remote control or directly on the unit and powered by solar. With the press of a button the cover rolls in or out over the pool. This rollup station also ensures correct cover care and storage when off the pool, boosting longevity.

“Initially, pool owners added automation solutions to thermal or safety covers only if the cover was extremely large and not operational by one person. Now, with this new line, we are seeing more and more pool owners with smaller pools opting for automation purely for everyday convenience and aesthetics. Some find they use their pool more frequently as it is easier to open/uncover the pool. We’ve made it a lot more affordable to automate a cover,“ says Williams.

It is always best to consult a cover specialist like PowerPlastics Pool Covers right at the beginning stages of a pool build or pool refurb. While most covers can be retrofitted, prior planning is critical if you are to have a truly safe, sustainable pool that looks great too.

“Our advice? Keep the pool simple and keep the edges straight and clear from obstructions. Approach the pool as an extension of the overall living area. A quality cover really can raise the value of a property,” concludes Williams.

Considered South Africa’s leader in eco-friendly and child safety covers, PowerPlastics Pool Covers has a range of pool covers for every requirement including manually-operated solid safety covers and high performance thermal covers for natural heating. PowerPlastics Pool Covers are based in Cape Town and Johannesburg and through a wide network of distributors, the range is available across the region, including Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe.

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