Positec moves to new premises

Positec group and their blue-chip brands WORX, CAT and KRESS expand their SA operation with the move to new premises in Kempton Park. This move will accommodate the increased staff complement, a showroom, warehousing, distribution and services. 

Kress Commercial Leaf Blower at a sports stadium.

In just over 12 months the group has grown tenfold in size due to the success in sales . “We really did not expect this to happen so soon, but the team have been very active and excelled themselves country wide. With a relatively small sales set up we have achieved great results,” says Positec Group South Africa regional director Greg De Villiers, adding that this can be attributed to the quality, innovation, range and technology across our leading international brands such as KRESS, CAT and WORX coupled with the team’s ability, experience and expertise.   

This new move is set to improve our sales, service, and general day-to-day handling of all the brands.  

“We are now able to expand and introduce and launch all our new products, ranges and categories across our international brands. The market feedback has been positive, and the product test results have been extremely encouraging. The dealers, distributors and agents with whom we are partnering are some of the best in the business and we are looking forward to a long and financially successful relationship going forward,” says De Villiers.   

The group’s proactive approach to new product designs, technology and innovation added to its comprehensive range and the market leading ‘ONE BATTERY FITS ALL’ concept – incorporating its technically-advanced battery innovation across its three major brands – will ensure its growth and success going forward.   

WORX multi-use tool used by an artisan professional.


One of the flagship Positec brands, WORX, has made a huge impact in the country. The WORX range includes the exciting new multi-use 5-in-1, 4-in-1 and 2-in-1 products capable of performing multiple power and garden tool tasks. These affordable dual promotional garden tool kits combine trimmers with blowers, cutters, lawn mowers and pressure washers whilst the power tool combos combine drills with grinders and must-have accessories. The brand has become immensely popular for its innovation and has won awards for being comfortable, light and the quietest cordless tools.   

KRESS battery operated mower.


The KRESS brand has the most comprehensive range of power tools and is a worldwide professional power tool industry leader. Founded in Germany 1928, KRESS started producing power tools in Bisingen in 1964.  Its 90 years’ experience in electric motors added to its extensive research and development (R&D) and production experience has made KRESS a professional power tool brand trusted for its quality, dependability and durability. Its comprehensive range has been designed and manufactured specifically for professional users.   

Currently, the KRESS brand stands for professional power tools with powerful, high quality and innovative technologies and a great consumer reputation. Kress continues to set power tool design standards.   

“Collaborating with professional users over the years and today the company’s R&D operation has mastered and achieved the ultimate range of leading quality industry tools. We plan to introduce the full exciting range of this brand over the next six months with new products and category launches planned for the New Year. The introduction of the garden and outdoor range will be one of the additions alongside the innovative, ground-breaking world first batteries. We will have the perfect partners in place by then,” says De Villiers.  

Cat construction and mining tool - rotary hammer and chisel.


Cat is recognised worldwide as a premier brand of construction and mining equipment, diesel, and natural gas turbines. To date, Cat also represents a new line of professional-grade cordless and corded power tools providing the same elevated level of performance and dependability. Cat power tools include new performance-enhancing innovations in battery technology with the new Graphene high efficiency batteries and state of the art brushless motors.   


The Positec Tool Corporation, (Positec), is a manufacturing company that specialises in the production of power tools as well as lawn and garden equipment. The company’s corporate headquarters are in Suzhou, China and the head of its North American division is in Charlotte, North Carolina.   

“We don’t just talk about social responsibility, we live it.” Says Positec founder and CEO Don Gao, adding that, although companies are certainly in business to make a profit, profit alone cannot inspire a company to become a great enterprise. “There must be something else – a higher calling of responsibility to the people and to the planet that gives life meaning. Whether it is designing products that are safer, seeing the value in each employee, being a good citizen in our community or minimising our carbon footprint, it is all part of our shared dream to build a truly sustainable operation.”  


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