Powafix add more firepower to their arsenal

Powafix latest products

Three of the latest product additions to the Powafix range.

Over the past 25 years, Powafix has succeeded in entrenching its mark as one of the leading Crack Filler and window/glazing Putty suppliers in the South African market – and there is more to come.

Powafix prides itself on its extensive range of products, from solvents to preparation products, cleaning, metal treatments and timber products as well as a quality range of waterproofing solutions, all backed by a 100% quality guarantee.

A continuous commitment to product research and development enables Powafix to maintain its standard of quality whilst constantly improving formulas to get the best value for money results. This product research and development also allows for Powafix to create innovative, eco-friendly alternatives to environmentally hazardous products, and the development of brand new products and concepts.

Powafix has developed a non-hazardous alternative to Creosote – Powafix Fence Defence, available in black, green and brown colours. Powafix is immensely proud of its world first environmentally friendly Eco Powa Brush Cleaner. This re-usable water-based product is capable of cleaning off most household paints without the damaging effects of Mineral Turpentine.

In addition, Powafix has formulated innovative rapid setting cement that anchors bolts, hinges and threaded bars. Powafix Anchor Crete has an initial set time of 30 minutes, a final set time of four  hours and an impressive 24MPA after just 24 hours. This product not only boasts its ability to provide extremely high strength but is also very easy to use.

The launch of yet another innovative product is scheduled to take place before the end of this year – watch this space!

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