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In the dynamic landscape of hardware and construction, the Powa of Change is at the heart of innovative problem-solving. Visionaries, driven by insatiable curiosity and an unwavering belief in the power of change, constantly seek novel ideas, technologies, and approaches to revolutionise industries and enhance lives. In this pursuit, environments that encourage experimentation and foster creativity become the breeding ground for transformative innovation.

Powafix, a beacon of this forward-thinking ethos, places customer problem-solving at the core of its philosophy. Empowering its teams to take ownership of this space, Powafix has recently introduced three ground-breaking products designed to address a spectrum of challenges, from supply flexibility to brand positioning.  

Powa Glaze – Fast Drying Window Putty  

Powa Glaze

Formulated with a blend of modified polyester resin and natural oils, Powa Glaze is a fast-drying window putty that reacts and dries within an impressive two days. This unique resin-oil combination establishes a high-adhesion, crack-resistant bond with various surfaces, including wood, metal, plastic, concrete, and cement. Notable features include suitability for both steel and timber surfaces, paintability with enamels and varnish, and availability in white and teak.  

Poxy Bond – Multi-Purpose Epoxy Adhesive  


Poxy Bond stands out as a two-pack, high-viscosity, thixotropic adhesive filler and anchoring/joint compound. When Parts A and B are mixed, it creates a high-strength, permanent, and rigid bond in less than four hours. Compatible with bricks, concrete, metal, plaster, wood, and ceramics, this adhesive is easy to use, wipes smooth with water, and offers a two-pack rigid curing anchor adhesive.  

Wall Shield – Bitumen Heavy Duty Sealer 

Wall shield

Serving as a waterproofing agent on brick surfaces, Wall Shield is applied to exteriors to guard against moisture infiltration. The bitumen content acts as a barrier, preventing water from penetrating brickwork and safeguarding structures from water damage and rising damp. Additionally, Wall Shield can be applied to the interior of walls, forming a damp-proofing barrier that prevents moisture migration, thereby averting potential damage or the creation of a damp indoor environment.  

Versatile applications of Wall Shield  

  • Water-based quick-drying waterproofing  
  • Inter-brick waterproofing barrier  
  • Sealing of concrete beams and pillars.  

For Powafix, these innovations are more than products – they represent opportunities to meet the diverse needs of their customers and redefine industry standards. To explore these transformative solutions and experience the Powa of Change, contact Powafix at [email protected] or visit www.powafix.co.za. Embrace innovation, embrace Powafix.  

For further inquiries, please contact Powafix at 031 452 3800.  

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