Power through light

Ledvance puts the power of light into the hands of its employees and stakeholders to contribute to a greener planet.

For Ledvance, sustainability is a fundamental component of business ethics and, among other things, crucial to its strategic decisions. Ledvance utilises the almost unlimited possibilities of light to work together with its stakeholders to sustainably improve people’s quality of life. This is an essential part of Ledvance’s corporate responsibility.

Ledvance’s customers benefit from the transformation of light into real savings through intelligent energy solutions, solar technology, and improved working and living environments with our lighting systems.

Ledvance is committed to contributing to a greener planet by reducing CO2 emissions and waste through sustainable products, solutions and processes. Ultimately, Ledvance puts the power of light into the hands of its employees and stakeholders to contribute to a better quality of life on a greener planet.

UN global compact

Ledvance is proud to be one of the signatories of the United Nations Global Compact and, together with the United Nations, to be able to shape globalisation in a more social and ecological way. Ledvance is committed to incorporating the UN Global Compact and its principles into the strategy, culture and day-to-day operations of its company. As part of a network of nearly ten thousand companies, Ledvance supports the UN Global Compact’s ten principles on human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption.


Sustainability plays an important role throughout the Ledvance value chain. Together with its suppliers, Ledvance maintains a common value base and comply with statutory regulations. With its ‘Quality First’ approach, Ledvance offers its customers outstanding products whose entire life cycle is based on sustainable processes.


The main focus of Ledvance’s social commitment is the observance of fair working conditions and safety standards. The continuous development and support of its diverse, talented employees is also of great strategic importance and decisive for the success of the company.


Environmental management at Ledvance includes the sustainable use of energy, water, waste and chemicals, as well as the monitoring of emissions. In addition, the environmentally conscious design and recycling of products play an important role.

How to reduce the global warming impact of luminaires

What influence does lighting have on the environment and thus on global warming? What are the possibilities to reduce the impact? Considering these highly relevant questions, the Ledvance experts analysed lifecycle assessment (LCA) data for luminaires published in Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) using the LCA rules defined by the program operator PEP Ecopassport. Special attention is given to the Global Warming Potential (GWP) – the indicator that measures how strongly a product contributes to global warming.
The result of the report:

  • The most important aspect is to maximise the efficiency of modern luminaires.
  • With highly efficient LED luminaires as a starting point; the Use Phase of modern luminaires dominates the GWP impact. On average, 96% of the total GWP is generated during the Use Phase, caused by the emissions from electricity generation needed to operate the luminaires.
  • The biggest improvement potential in the dominating Use Phase is the intelligent control of the luminaires, in other words sensor-controlled lighting, based on presence detection and daylight sensing.
  • Another aspect is circular luminaire design, which has a marginal effect on the GWP evaluated over the lifecycle, if the replacement parts have the same performance as the original parts. With the global warming aspect in focus, the biggest benefit of circular design is the possibility to upgrade the luminaire with more efficient light sources and sensor-assisted light management functions.
    The major transition from T5 and T8 fluorescent tubes to LED-based SubstiTUBEs due to the RoHS-banning will have a sizeable effect to limit global warming.

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