Precision-manufactured abrasives for specialised applications

Grinding Techniques

Grinding Techniques is not only a local manufacturing facility but one that is capable of manufacturing abrasives for specialised applications.  

Abrasive products

Apart from job creation, being a local manufacturer ensures timeous delivery of abrasive products to customer’s specification, design, and approval, eliminating long lead times often associated with imported products with the added benefit of having a technical specialist on your shop floor when you need it most.  

Grinding Techniques’ certified abrasive products carry the international  Organisation for Safety of Abrasives (OSA) mark, having fulfilled very strict measures, ensuring operator safety and traceability as well as providing peace of mind. The product labels also display the EN and ISO marks, further indicating that the product is manufactured according to local and international standards.   

All locally manufactured products at Grinding Techniques carry both the OSA and ISO9001 marks. The company’s research and development team continually review both the quality and performance of all manufactured items to ensure that products comply to the highest standards, with consistency and quality as key measures in the manufacturing process.  

Grinding Techniques local manufacturer and supplier of specialised abrasive products.

Like any other product designed for a specific purpose, every abrasive product is manufactured for a specific application to achieve a certain result.   

Whenever abrasives are being used, it is important to adhere to safety precautions identified by the manufacturer, to allow the product to perform as designed and intended.  

Should a cutting disc, for instance be used for a grinding application to remove a burr left after the cutting operation, a potentially dangerous situation can arise, with the possibility of self-injury.   

Burr removal is a popular application, and with the abrasive industry continually moving forward with innovation on design, various abrasive products have become available for this application.   

Grinding down welds on steel gate.

The abrasive flap disc, which was originally designed to replace single layer abrasive discs, such as the resin fibre sanding discs for the steel trade, have become a very popular abrasive not only for burr removal, but also for blending of welds, rust and paint removal, metal-and-wood-grinding and shaping, as well as surface preparation prior to welding.   

Available in two shape types (Type 27 and Type 29), with the latter being more suited to aggressive stock removal requirements due to its greater contact area, the Superflex flap disc range offers four tiers to suit all industry applications, including every day at home projects.  

Locally manufactured, our flap disc range boasts the best in raw materials, with both finish and stock removal dependent on the choice of tier.  

Apart from conventional cutting-and grinding discs, we also manufacture cutting tools for specialised applications, like the Superflex Curve Cut.  

Available in 115mm and 125mm sizes, this product was originally designed to cut various sizes of holes in sheet steel using one disc, providing an alternative to conventional methods of cutting radii. As a local manufacturer, we bring premium application solutions to the market.   

Partner with us today and keep your business at the cutting edge of technology.  

For more on our product range, contact us +27 11 271 6400 [email protected]

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