Prevent the wrong alloy from causing environmental disaster

Bruker Elementals spark spectrometer Q4 MOBILE analyses 316 / 316L alloys

IMP - Q4Optical emission spectrometers can contribute definitively to preventing accidents. capable of analysing the critical carbon content in used steel. The smallest concentrations of carbon in the ppm range impact the steel’s durability, strength and weldability.

In April 2010, seven employees were killed in an explosion caused by a high-temperature hydrogen attack (HTHA) in a refinery in the USA state of Washington. As the accident was caused by metal fatigue, mobile OES instruments were needed. Since then, relevant equipment, especially process piping systems have to be tested in accordance with the ‘Material Verification Programme’ (guidelines API 578) of the American Petroleum Institute. Components that do not meet the required specifications are identified and replaced.

For this task Bruker Elemental´s Q4 MOBILE is the optimal control and measurement analyser. Having had two successful years on the market already, the Q4 MOBILE performs rapid metal analysis, identification and sorting. With an optional four-wheeled trolley, the spark spectrometer and accessories easily roll to the place where analysis is needed, making its mobility its strong point.

Controlled by an intelligent energy management system, Q4 MOBILE can use any standard power source, even a cigarette lighter in a car. Adaptive Ambient Control (AAC), which adjusts the optics automatically to the ambient temperature, ensures a short preparation time. Long setup times are a thing of the past.

For shorter wavelengths such as UV, a rapidly modifiable probe with high resolution optics is available. Thus even the most demanding applications, such as C, S or N determination, are possible.

High capability, practical relevance, ease-of-use and functional mobility are the strengths of the Q4 MOBILE. Bruker fulfils all customer requirements

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