PRIME-ALL Gypsum & Plaster Primer

The new water-based Prime-All Gypsum & Plaster Primer from Plascon helps your top coat perform.

Prime-All Gypsum and Plaster Primer buckets in the kitchen.

When it comes to top coats, there can often be doubt surrounding the finished product. Will it look how you planned? Will it deteriorate or present other unforeseen problems? What if you need more coats?


This is where priming is key: it offers an efficient protective base that enhances pigments and paint application, and optimises your paint’s performance. Plascon’s latest release, Prime-All Gypsum & Plaster Primer, gives you the comfort of knowing that your top coat will look and perform as intended. 


Prime-All Gypsum & Plaster Primer is Plascon’s first water-based primer applicable for gypsum – the main constituent in many forms of plaster and drywall – in the Decorative Coatings range. In the past, primers for gypsum surfaces have conventionally been solvent-based but, in keeping with their drive toward environmental consciousness,  Plascon now offers customers the choice of a complete water-based solution all the way from primer to top coats, without compromising on performance or quality. 

Gypsum board, commonly known as drywall or plasterboard, is an extremely porous surface that soaks up paint and can cause the application to look patchy and uneven. While the majority of water-based primers are not suitable for gypsum, this premium primer is uniquely formulated to be used on a range of interior and exterior surfaces, including new cement plaster, fibre-cement, concrete, brickwork and composite boards.


The role of the primer is of paramount importance as correct surface preparation can mitigate issues that could potentially compromise your coating. For example, many masonry surfaces have high pH levels, which can cause colour problems when paint is applied without a primer, as well as efflorescence, an unsightly deposit of white salts on the surface.


Prime-All Gypsum & Plaster Primer offers excellent adhesion, alkali resistance and efflorescence resistance, ensuring that you Plascon topcoat will perform to the optimal quality it is formulated for. Prime-All Gypsum & Plaster Primer also ensures good obliteration and spreadability, and seals and evens out surface porosity. The primer’s quick-drying properties allow for a speedier top-coat application and overall experience – it touch-dries in 30 minutes and is ready for an overcoat in 4-6 hours. 

The water-based formula means lower volatile organic compounds (VOCs) – chemicals emitted into the air, reducing the adverse effects on environmental and human health. And did we mention it’s also low odour? 

Prime-All Gypsum & Plaster Primer, available in 1L, 5L and 20L, has all the benefits of a solvent-based primer with a water-based formula, making it more environmentally and user-friendly. This exciting new product marks the latest in Plascon’s innovative efforts towards improving the coatings experience in an earth-friendly way. 

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