Professional advice is not a ‘nice to have’ – especially in insurance

By: Sankofa Insurance Brokers

Technology has practically taken over in most spheres of existence – from business transacting to personal and everyday activities like shopping, staying in touch, as well as education – and insurance is definitely a sector that is not exempt from this ‘technological takeover’. However, as much as customers may prefer conducting their affairs technologically, one thing has remained constant: the need for good and reliable professional advice.

Companies like Sankofa Insurance Brokers still prides itself in offering reliable brokerage services, ensuring clients get the best advice to make the best choices for their risk covers. Like many other business sectors, insurance as well as laws and regulations covering it, are subject to changes. Customers can easily access such information on the Internet; however, the language may not be easy to digest. At Sankofa, we offer customers a service that is enshrined in our values of trust, respect and honesty; excellence and integrity; customer focus; and people and the community.

Why use a broker when you can just ‘search on Google’?

Digitisation has made accessing certain services as easy as having a username and password, which means cutting out many middleman all together. However, making use of an insurance broker has many benefits that can surpass transacting technologically, especially for small businesses and individuals.

• Apart from providing human interaction, brokers have experience of a wide range of products and services that can offer clients comparisons, without them having to shop around themselves. Brokers are qualified to analyse your risks and to advise you accordingly, which means receiving a personalised service to help determine the best possible risk cover.

• Deciding on insurance cover is not very simple, especially considering the language used in the documentation. A broker can simplify and assess your situation and also help shop around for the right insurance product that meets your specific needs.

• Brokers assist you with your claims preparation and claims settlements – they advocate for their clients and ensure they get the best possible settlement because they act on behalf of the client.

• Insurance brokers are required to register with the FIA (Financial Intermediaries Association of Southern Africa) and FSCA (Financial Sector Conduct Authority). This means that brokers are constantly subjected to audits and checks throughout the year to ensure they remain accountable for their actions.

• With technology comes cybersecurity, which is not always guaranteed, especially with the growth in cybercrime. This poses a risk of hacking and having clients’ personal information and documents exposed to criminal interference. However, having a broker comes with the safety of knowing that there is someone guarding your personal information.

Brokers are always on hand to offer professional advice, therefore it is always advisable that customers, including big business, SMEs, government and individuals, make use of their services in order to reap the full benefit of insurance products, including any clarifications on any changes that may affect the customers’ insurance needs.

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