Updated financial planning handbooks released

By Janice Roberts

Keeping up to date with legislative and case law changes in the highly regulated financial services industry can be challenging.Professionals need to make effective financial decisions, with a myriad of implications, while ensuring regulatory compliance and keeping current.

The South African Financial Planning Handbook 2020, is co-authored by Brian Goodall, Lee Rossini, Marius Botha, Walter Geach, Laura du Preez and Paul Rabenowitz, and published by LexisNexis. It is the most comprehensive reference work for this industry. Updated annually to contain the latest legislative revisions, industry best practice, practical examples and guidelines, the text is ideal for students, academics and practicing professionals, such as financial planners, legal advisers, academics and compliance officers. It is also the prescribed textbook for postgraduate studies in financial planning.

Providing relevant examples, collated tables and simplified information, this title offers useful commentary on all aspects of financial planning. Alerting professionals to important clauses in legislation and referring recent case law, The South African Financial Planning Handbook 2020 also enables easy application of information within a practical context.

Big picture decision making is easier with direct access to the most comprehensive and up-to-date content, giving planners and advisers complete confidence in their recommendations.

Financial Calculations and Worksheets 4th edition is authored by Marius Botha and has also been released. It contains worked examples of the various calculations required by financial planners and offers clear explanations. Part A contains worksheets and examples, with Part B comprising tax and compound interest tables and tax rates as well as formulae. From compound interest calculations to income tax, retirement and estate planning calculations, all aspects of financial planning are covered in this comprehensive, must-have handbook.

For more information and to purchase the handbooks, visit the LexisNexis online bookstore.

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