Promac expansion to mark 30th anniversary

Promac Paints; a privately-owned South African paint producer has expanded its operations with the installation of additional automation and capacity at its Silverton, Pretoria plant.  

After the company’s new expansion; and the acquisition of the 51-year-old Cedar Paints two years ago. Promac now has an impressive total production capacity of 60 million litres. 

The founders’ aim

The company founded in 1991 by Vaughan Prost and Stephen Reinecke. Armed with experience in paint raw materials; quality assurance; as well as production and planning. The two lifelong friends saw an opportunity to stand out in a highly fragmented paint industry with over 400 registered paint producers. The founders’ aim was to establish not only a brand but also provide quality paints at affordable prices.   

The growth in sales; now driven by a board member; Andrew Cottrell, who joined the company in 2003 has continued to reflect customer appreciation of the Promac philosophy. Financial control also has been vital for the company’s strategic growth – particularly in pandemic times – and here the fourth director; Johan Joubert; who joined in 2005, has played an invaluable role.  

The company is now a household name in South Africa with over 50 registered trademarks and hardware outlets nationwide. Promac’s wide range includes the respected MicaGuard textured  coatings, Easycoat  range of paints, RB10 primers and strippers, Dimensions acrylic coatings, I-Paint and Harris brushes, primers, wood strainers, roof protection, and special custom-made coatings for contractors.  

The paint market

The Promac market is diverse and includes property-owners, architects, building contractors, and the mining sector. The company is committed to providing information and solutions to property owners, retailers, architects and designers, to upgrade their expertise and boost the image of the coatings sector.  

Stephen Reinecke (right), director and co-founder of Promac, welcomed to the SAPMA Management Committee by Aggie Argyrou, chairman of SAPMA, last year. 

With vast experience and a strong focus on essential business activities and environmental consideration, Promac has held ISO 9000:2015 accreditation since 2003, Agrément Certification for some of its special purpose products, and is a committed and enthusiastic member of the South African Paint Manufacturing Association (SAPMA). Promac co-founder and director, Stephen Reinecke, serves on both the SAPMA management and executive committees.  

The Promac brand is also well established in Namibia, where it has been manufactured under licence for the past 20 years by ISO 9000:2015 company, Coral Coatings, which has Barend Koch as owner and managing director.   

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