Proud milestone for National Laboratory Association

The National Laboratory Association of South Africa (NLA-SA) recently opened its new Calibration/Metrology training facility at Persequor TechnoPark, Pretoria.

Steve Sidney, Executive Director of the NLA, said that their new facility, which was opened at the Annual General Meeting held in March, will not only be used as the training venue for their comprehensive training courses offered, but also used for mentorships.

“The training facility is yet another key milestone for the NLA which we are very proud of, and we hope to attract more members to our training courses over the next year,” commented Sidney. “As part of the NLA-SA’s ongoing commitment towards the upliftment of technical skills in the calibration, measurement and test laboratory environments, we believe that it is essential that, as an association, we provide this vital link between ongoing education and training and the communities we serve.”


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