Pura Soda wins international taste test challenge

Pura Soda’s cucumber and lime flavour was chosen as the best tasting non-alcoholic beverage at the 2019 Aurora International Taste Challenge.

A judging panel, consisting of leading sommeliers and food professionals from around the world, made the selection.

Pura Soda

Pura Soda is low in sugar and uses no colourants

Healthier soda

‘Pura Soda set out to provide consumers with a healthier soda that doesn’t compromise on taste. Great taste is delivered by top quality natural ingredients, in this case, the General Lee Cucumber from Florida and Limes from either Peru or Mexico. We know that taste is the number one driver when it comes to beverage choice and this award proves that one can enjoy a great flavoured drink without having to worry about any of the bad stuff,’ says Greig Jansen, Pura Soda CEO.

Pura Soda is low in sugar and uses no colourants. Launched to the local market in 2017, the beverage is now available across South Africa as well as Middle East, SADAC countries and shortly in the USA. This international recognition will assist Pura Soda as it pursues broader markets locally and abroad

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