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Radiant Lighting answers question on lighting for small spaces.
Pendant lights are a great bedside fixture alternative.

My space is small and the ceilings are low. What overhead fixtures will work best in this room?

Any large or low-hanging fixture will make the space feel even smaller. Look for a ceiling fixture that is no more than 40cm in height. You don’t want a fixture that will draw attention to the fact that the ceiling is low, so recessed downlights or a flush-mount ceiling light will work best. 

Due to my bedroom being compact in size, my bedside tables are really small and won’t fit a lamp. What solution do you suggest?

Pendant lights are a great bedside fixture alternative, but if your space is small then these can just make the room look cluttered. A small, neat wall sconce on either side of the bed is a great alternative and is an opportunity to add an element of interest to an often blank space in the room.

I loved the look of a large, ornate fixture, but will it work in a small space?

Large decorative fixtures such as chandeliers and pendants can work in a small space but only if the ceiling is high. For example, an entrance hall or foyer with relatively small floor space but double volume ceilings can accommodate such a fixture. If the room is small and the ceilings are relatively low then opt for a decorative ceiling fixture that has a low profile but a large diameter.

What lighting tips do you suggest to make a room feel bigger?

Try using the wall wash technique. This requires you to shine a light directly onto particular features on a wall, for example, a bookshelf, cabinetry, or a painting. When the light illuminates the object of interest, it makes it stand out and this expands the perceived boundaries of the room, creating depth. Adjustable track lights work best for achieving this effect. 

What do you suggest for illuminating a small bathroom?

While overhead lighting is key, it’s not enough for task-oriented activities such as applying makeup or shaving. This is why lighting your vanity mirror is a must. But if wall space is an issue and you can’t add sconces then a mirror light is the way to go. This type of fixture is a mirror and light in one and is a highly functional addition to any bathroom regardless of size.

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