Registration opens for in-cosmetics Formulation Summit 2022

In-cosmetics Formulation Summit returns to London, UK this October to place sustainability at the forefront of the agenda.

Welcoming personal care and cosmetic formulators to discover the latest advances in the age of sustainability and well-being, in-cosmetics Formulation Summit takes place on 25 and 26 October at the Leonardo Royal Hotel in London. This year’s theme focuses heavily on sustainability, exploring the advances in science and technology that underpin emerging trends in cosmetic formulation. Registration is now open.

With a packed line-up of international experts, the Summit will offer attendees the chance to gain high-level scientific insights and solutions into the most pertinent trends impacting the future of the industry. A total of 22 sessions will run over two days, with all-new breakout roundtable sessions enabling delegates to be immersed in selected topics and contribute to the wider discussion about specific trends and challenges.

This year’s programme will offer R&D professionals and formulators from cosmetic manufacturers and ingredient suppliers insights into a wide range of topics, ranging from nutricosmetics, the microbiome, microplastics, recyclability and the latest regulations.

in-cosmetics Formulation Summit invites personal care and cosmetic formulators to discover the latest advances in the age of sustainability and well-being

Sustainability and the environment

Opening the 2022 Summit, Barbara Olioso, managing director, The Green Chemist Consultancy will deliver the opening remarks exploring sustainability with reference to industry metrics, packaging and microplastics.

The day will continue with a packed schedule of insightful sessions including ‘Trends in sustainable beauty, products and packaging’; ‘Designing and integrating an environmental scorecard system’; and ‘Sustainable packaging trends’, which will offer insights directly from a brand’s perspective.

Speaking about the Summit, Olioso commented: “Today our industry is changing at a fast pace, so it is essential more than ever before to keep up to date with the latest trends and scientific findings. The Formulation Summit, an interactive and intimate face-to-face event for professionals working in cosmetic product development, is the best way to do exactly that.”

Microplastics, recycling and regulatory developments

Confirmed speakers appearing on day one include Dr Giovanna Laudisio, CEO and co-founder of Naturbeads, will explore ‘Cellulose Microbeads: a sustainable alternative to microplastics in cosmetics.’ This session will cover the use of microplastics and their impact on both the environment and human health. She will also discuss current regulations with bans currently in place in the US, UK, Canada, China and more. Naturbeads, a young start-up hailing from the University of Bath, is taking steps to commercialise biodegradable, plant-based microbeads as a sustainable alternative. This session will provide delegates with an opportunity to understand how the technology is transforming cellulose from its natural fibre form into perfectly spherical cellulose beads without the addition of plasticisers.

Margaret Bates, executive director, OPRL will offer a deep dive into recycling labels and the impact of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR). She will explain how the OPRL labelling system works, how recyclability is determined, how consumer trust and confidence have been achieved and how brands can ensure that their packaging qualifies for a “Recycle” label.

Environmental claims and the opportunities and challenges associated with them will also be put under the spotlight when Bloom Regulatory’s CEO, Olivia Santoni and regulatory affairs director, Amanda Isom take to the stage. Their session will focus on the latest regulatory landscape and the practical challenges and opportunities for companies operating in the UK and Europe. It will also explore the impact and considerations required when substantiating claims such as microplastics, clean beauty, waterless, environmentally friendly, biodegradable/compostable, and more.

The science behind the latest trends

Day two will return to explore the science behind the latest cosmetic trends from understanding the ‘omics’ era and the importance of the matrisome to how to harness the latest developments in microbiome technologies for cosmetic formulation. Beauty from within will also be discussed with a focus on oral supplements providing beauty benefits.

Speakers confirmed to join the summit programme on day two include Francis McGlone, head of the Somatosensory & Affective Neuroscience Group, School of Natural Sciences & Psychology. Francis will explore the link between sensation and emotional well-being in neurocosmetics. The session will focus on the role of touch in well-being, the latest neuroscience and neuropsychology techniques and how to formulate to maximise the benefits of touch.

Closing the 2022 Formulation Summit, David Wood, author and chair of London Futurists will deliver a thought-provoking keynote session. As the author of The Abolition of Aging, he will raise the question ‘Are we nearing the longevity escape velocity’? The concept of longevity escape velocity, or the point at which science can extend your life for more than a year for every year that you are alive, has been gaining traction. David will help delegates understand the perception of ageing and the radical extension of human longevity, the accelerating field of rejuvenation biology and the possibility of indefinite lifespans.

Roziani Zulkifli, event director of in-cosmetics Formulation Summit, said: “This year’s Formulation Summit will take a deep dive into sustainability and the next steps for brands, formulators and R&D professionals looking to embrace circularity. From evolving trends, innovation in packaging to upcycling and more, delegates can join sessions led by international industry leaders and for the first time, join in the discussion in an all-new roundtable format. We’re delighted to welcome a roster of industry experts, along with our keynote speaker David Wood who is set to challenge and inspire our understanding of ageing and the human condition.”

For more information on this year’s programme, visit the in-cosmetics Formulation Summit website. Registration is now open with early-bird rates available until 23 September. Delegates gain access to the conference programme, including seminars and roundtable discussions, and the chance to network with sponsors, delegates and speakers.

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