REHAU uPVC windows and doors – sustainable and durable

Northgate Heights courtesy of Teva Windows.

REHAU’s uPVC windows and doors have been available in the South African market for over 30 years and are well known worldwide for their quality and durability.

In South Africa, our affordable uPVC window systems are the answer for homes in Africa, be it large-scale developments, apartment buildings or family homes.

What do REHAU uPVC windows and doors offer?

Increased safety

REHAU uPVC windows and doors offer increased safety, as they can be fitted with double glazing. The uPVC windows and door frames can accommodate one or two glass panes. Double glazing achieves higher energy savings, reduces outside noise and increases safety.

They recommend that the outer glass pane consists of laminated safety glass and that all windows and doors be installed with security tape.


REHAU uPVC profiles are manufactured from high-performance PVC that lasts for many years and is very durable. Manufactured using the specially designed RAU-PVC 1476 high weather formulation, our profiles are suitable for regions with high UV radiation.

REHAU’s windows and doors installed in South Africa over 20 years ago are still in excellent condition.

Energy savings

It is estimated that 25% of the energy for heating or cooling a building escapes through the windows and doors, either through gaps in the frame itself or because the windows/doors don’t close tightly.

A REHAU uPVC window/door frame restricts airflow as the frame is a sealed unit, i.e. there are no air gaps. This restriction, plus the unique thermal qualities of the multi-chambered frames of uPVC, results in lower ‘U’ values, thus fulfilling the conditions stipulated by South Africa’s building regulations.

External noise reduction

The joints of uPVC window and door frames are sealed, thus there are no gaps through which outside noise can travel to the inside of a building. The noise reduction ensures a calm and quiet living space.

Fitted with double glazing and sound-reducing glass, REHAU’s uPVC windows can achieve a noise reduction level of up to 38dBr.

Low maintenance

Good quality uPVC does not warp or rot. It does not require any sanding, painting or varnishing for the duration of its lifespan. Dust can simply be wiped off using a soft cloth, warm water and dishwashing liquid.

Double glazing

The uPVC windows and door frames can accommodate one or two glass panes. Double glazed SIG (sealed insulated glass) achieve higher energy savings, reduces outside noise and increases safety.

Colour options

REHAU’s uPVC profiles are manufactured in white as this is the most popular colour.

The White in/Anthracite grey out option is becoming quite popular as architects tend to specify an anthracite grey window for the outside of a building. The white inside profile makes it easier for interior decorators as white blends in with most colour palettes.

The uPVC profile can also be painted with a specialised paint especially used for uPVC profiles. Please ask the local REHAU Authorised Partner for more information.


REHAU’s uPVC windows and doors can accommodate most of the shoot bolts and security hinges on the market, as well as multi-point locking systems. Multi-point means that multiple strikers along the closing section of the window or door grip into lock keeps situated in the steel-reinforcing inside the uPVC frame.

Windows/doors theft off building sites reduced

Most traditional windows and doors have a high theft rate at building sites, which REHAU’s windows and doors don’t have as they are manufactured from uPVC.

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