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From project manager to creating the Wow We 3D wooden modelling phenomenon, Roelf van Rooyen began the WOW model building journey in 2019. Van Rooyen transitioned from a background in project management within the construction industry to forging the path of WOW We – a pioneering enterprise specialising in crafting three-dimensional (3D) MDF/Supawood models.  

WOW model building stand in store.

Originally envisioning a venture centred on importing and trading models, the outbreak of Covid-19 disrupted this plan, making importing unfeasible. In response, van Rooyen embraced the role of a creator and manufacturer.  

With a keen eye for innovation, van Rooyen procured over 17 000 designs from the USA, swiftly acquiring proficiency in laser cutting machine programming and the intricate art of drafting model construction blueprints. Currently, he has become an expert in the realm of 3D arts and crafts models, catering to retailers across the nation. Initially he outsourced his laser cutting operations but has now grown his business into a facility housing five laser cutting machines.  

3D wood craft of a Toyota 4x4 bakkie.

The attraction of WOW We models lies in their absolute uniqueness. Each model arrives neatly flat packed, its components intricately laid out on the MDF board, accompanied by an assembly guide. Complementing the extensive array of imported designs, van Rooyen’s mastery extends to crafting tailor-made models designed to exact specifications.  

Inaugural operations witnessed van Rooyen and his family selling their creations at various pop-up stores, through which about 3 000 models were sold. By the second year, this number skyrocketed to an impressive 15 000 units. It became apparent to van Rooyen that the potential demand for these models far exceeded the current reach. A strategic decision to amplify production was made, involving the acquisition of additional laser cutting machinery. Further, a shrewd expansion into broader markets through platforms like Takealot, supermarket chains, and hardware retailers ignited a remarkable growth trajectory. The leap of faith was handsomely rewarded, culminating in an astonishing 2023 sales figure already exceeding 8 000 units as of July 2023 with a total to date of 26 000 units.   

WOW WE wood crafts toddler toys, arts and crafts, home decor and paints and accessories in store.

Van Rooyen’s ingenuity extends beyond model construction; he crafts bespoke retail stands that magnificently showcase his creations. The versatility of his models, which can be painted to suit various aesthetics, inspired the creation of stands for housing chalk paint products alongside his models. Retailers can therefore benefit from optimal visibility and enhanced value, transforming their investment in WOW We products into a lucrative endeavour.  

Central to the WOW We ethos is a vision to cultivate a fervent model building culture within South Africa. The models available span from elementary insect models to intricate airplanes, towering structures, and an array of vehicles. Customisation knows no bounds, limited only by the consumer’s imagination.  

The burgeoning domain of arts and crafts holds an increasingly prominent position within hardware retail, and WOW We models epitomise this trend with their unparalleled allure. This distinctive offering will encourage a wave of fresh clientele to the existing hardware retail customer base. Already stocked in numerous stores nationally, the success witnessed by retailers and the fervour displayed by their customers underscore the compelling allure of WOW We wooden models as a retail category.   
All Wow We models are stringently quality tested and retailers need not be concerned about comebacks.   

WOW WE wood craft pain and accessories.

Do not miss out on this growing hobbyist movement and seize the opportunity to stock the WOW We product range today.   

Contact WOW We at 084 507 2135 or email [email protected], [email protected]  and become an integral part of this lucrative journey.  

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