Revolving doors unlimited freedom of design

The entrance area is the first impression of your building or enterprise. Create a positive optical impression through faultless function and unlimited freedom of design with GEZE’s revolving doors.

Revolving doors fulfil multiple purposes at entrances of public buildings. Safe, convenient and in an elegant design, they enable people to come in and go out without disruption. And anything that needs to stay outside remains outside, such as unpleasant weather or droughts. This increases the energy efficiency of the building. You can choose between a manual or automatic version, depending on how much visitor traffic your door needs to manage. GEZE is happy to answer any questions you may have about revolving door systems.

Manual revolving door

Manual revolving doors ensure quiet, elegant and simple access to your building. They provide a needs-based solution with a smaller number of visitors or passage width. Manual revolving doors turn easily with light manually-applied pressure, in the same way as turnstiles do. Safety devices are not necessary. Revolving doors contribute to energy efficiency in the building. When opening, the loss of interior warmth and the entrance of cold air is minimised.

The door can be customised choice of diameter, passage height and surfaces. Extensive equipment options. Simple installation of the door system without lifting tools. Fast commissioning thanks to pre-cabled and configured sensors.

Automatic revolving door

Automatic revolving doors offer a high degree of convenience with high access frequency. Perfectly designed and in an elegant look, they create the first impression in your building’s foyer. With a variety of different modes of operation and settings, they can be used by everybody. Activated by means of movement detectors, they accelerate and turn automatically. They comply with the highest personal safety standards. Like all revolving doors, they contribute to natural ventilation and to energy efficiency in the building.

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