Robust Sanitisation Units For Post Covid-19

As the world adjusts to the new social norm, it’s encouraging to see how innovative our resilient nation is becoming. An example of how innovation is taking the lead can be seen with the launch of JF Equipment’s revolutionary and durable, Sani-Tunn.

Sanitation units post covid-19

Public facilities and locations – be it hospitals, malls, stores, factories or corporate headquarters; will need to implement sanitisation processes post COVID-19 lockdown. JF Equipment has used this lockdown period to conceptualise and create the Sani-Tunn, a fixed, or mobile unit that can be set up at the entrance to any public place that sanitises the entire individual plus whatever they’re carrying or pushing into that public place.

The Sani-Tunn structure has been created using either robust aluminium, or superior graded stainless-steel to withstand the volume of activity and traffic it would need to manage. Each unit is specifically designed to cater to the environment in which it will be used. A unique spray system – operated by sensors, comes complete with high-pressure pump and nozzles, moves an approved sanitisation solution through stainless steel piping installed inside the tunnel. The solution works with all fabrics and synthetics – like trolleys or pushchairs and is hypoallergenic for sensitive skin and facial usage.

sanitation units wider for trolleys covid-19

“Lockdown has given us a great opportunity to think about what we can do to help what will essentially be an entirely different environment to get used to,” says Fred Shade, Sales Manager for JF Equipment. “Social distancing and ‘corporate’ or ‘public’ sanitisation will become the norm so we really focussed on building something strong and durable that would last for high traffic areas,” he says.

The walk-through unit will include a volume and size dependant high pressure pump and reservoir tank from 50 litres to 1000 litres – depending on capacity requirements. Pricing will vary depending on the materials and size requirements.

For more information or to your Sani-Tunn, contact JF Equipment or email them on [email protected].

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