New generation luxury vinyl floors

Rococo Xtra, the latest addition to the Rococo suite of luxury vinyl flooring products offered by Van Dyck Floors, was launched in March, offering local consumers a new generation product with advanced features.

Rococo Xtra LVT flooring in Shifting Sands available from Van Dyck Floors

Rococo Xtra offers the same dimensional stability as the rest of the Rococo ranges, which have proven their dimensional stability in South Africa, where temperatures fluctuate.

Rococo Xtra will be supplied in an extra length and width format – 1524mm length and 228.6mm width. This coupled with the registered emboss finish and bevelled edges, offers a range that look almost like natural wood.

The larger plank lengths are popular in spacious homes, offices and commercial installations.  Because Rococo is water proof, it can be used in kitchens and bathrooms.

Available in 5 colours inspired by nature and internationally colour trends, the range is sure to be well received by both consumers for general renovations and specifiers on larger new developments.

Although Rococo Xtra is only 2.0mm in overall thickness, the reinforced surface treatment (AO9), will ensure that the product stands up to day to day knocks during its lifespan.

AO9 is a superior surface treatment consisting of minute particles of aluminium oxide which are encapsulated in an advanced UV coating. It is applied to the surface of all Rococo LVT products and provides superior protection against scratches, scuffing and stains. AO9 is a very hard material which registers just below diamonds on the official Measurement of Hardness Scale. AO9 helps to maintain the appearance of LVT and results in low maintenance requirements and costs, as well as less downtime for cleaning in commercial environments.

All screeds for stick down LVT must be self-levelled to ensure that the product stands up to wear, for its intended purpose. Incorrect screed preparation and application of adhesive can affect the life expectancy and over time detract from the look of the finished installation.

Rococo Xtra is available in five beautiful colours, ranging from dark brown, light brown through to grey and an off-white called Arctic Frost.

In addition, Van Dyck Floors will also be launching Rococo Design Strips. This range is to be used in conjunction with any of the Rococo ranges available, to enhance the design flexibility of the Rococo LVT floor. Design Strips can be used to define the design/pattern of the floor from the border. Mixing and matching the Rococo LVT ranges now allows designers, architects and consumers to create their own custom floor.

Rococo takes its name from the elaborately ornamental late baroque style of decoration prevalent in 18th-century continental Europe, with asymmetrical patterns involving motifs and scrollwork. This is used to stunning effect in these new planks.

Stocked locally, Rococo is available in 4 size formats: Rococo Classic 184.15mm wide by 1219.2mm long, Rococo Wide Plank 228.6mm wide by 1219.2mm long, Rococo Parquet 101.4mm wide by 304.8mm long and Rococo Xtra 228.6mm wide by 1524mm long. Rococo Design Strips will be available in a 3mm & 5mm width by 1219.2mm long.

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