Ronald De Beer appointed Hawk Pumps’ sales manager

Ronald De Beer has been appointed sales manager at Hawk Pumps, ensuring that the company meets its sales targets. 

Effective budget management, strategy, training and motivating employees in the sales team are all second nature to Hawk’s sales champion. And maintaining healthy relationships with clients is part of the package, too; all while setting ambitious targets for the sales team. “I joined Hawk to share my experience, skills and expertise with the sales team and to maintain order within the sales department,” says De Beer. 

Ronald De Beer Hawk Pumps
Ronald De Beer has been appointed sales manager at Hawk Pumps

Highs and lows

De Beer’s journey prior to Hawk has had its highs and lows, presenting various interesting challenges along the way. But he believes that every day is a new opportunity to learn. He intends to find new spaces for growth and innovation within the company and to reinvent processes. Ronald is confident that he can boost Hawk’s business through creative approaches to reaching sales targets.

“My goal is to help grow the workshop service and sales departments, driving the business forward in the long-term and growing its footprint in the markets we serve – in South Africa and beyond. I believe in fostering an environment where the team collaborates and shares ideas. Inclusion and teamwork are the keys to success,” adds De Beer. 

Master planner 

De Beer is a born leader with a wealth of technical experience and problem-solving ability. His strategic acumen stands him in good stead as the master planner for the sales team members, who are motivated his energy and dedication.

For De Beer, success means making sure that the sales team is always target-orientated, with firm strategic sales plans in mind. Turnover, employee satisfaction and business growth speak for themselves, after all.

One particular innovation from Hawk that De Beer is excited about is the Hawk Multi-Purpose Mini Drain Cleaning Trailer. Many have had to find new ways to generate income during the COVID-19 pandemic. And the Hawk Multi-Purpose Mini Drain Cleaning Trailer is a unique and innovative tool that entrepreneurs throughout South Africa have been finding extremely useful.

This affordable, effective drain and general cleaner has taken to the South African roads to provide an inexpensive mobile cleaning tool for drain, roof and general purposes. It has been creating new business opportunities and helping generate income for a wide variety of small business owners looking to expand their horizons during lockdown.

At the top of De Beer’s bucket list is swimming with dolphins, enjoying holidays with family more often, growing with his sales team and retiring at young age; ultimately – just being content with life.

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