Ruwag offers a 360⁰ solution

Ruwag is a market leader for premium power tools accessories and fixings for use in the artisan and DIY industries. 

Ruwag range of products

The Ruwag traditional culture of innovation, quality, customer orientation and service are embodied into its principle of ‘best quality versus price ratio’. 

Ruwag is a family-owned business, which was started by Wolfgang von Ey Snr in 1992, due to increased demand for quality drills. Since its foundation, Ruwag has been synonymous with developing innovative and technologically advanced products. The company focus is on providing the right tool for the ‘job to be done’ in order to deliver results, every time. 

The success and imaginative leadership of Ruwag are reflected by the central role played by research and development. Through constant engagement with users, Ruwag seeks to improve and optimise its existing products, a process that forms part of its DNA. 


Power tool accessories 


Hand tools 

Above-ground irrigation 

Ruwag, the number one choice in Powertool accessories, fixings, hand tools and DIY irrigation, offers retailers a full-circle solution for its customers, whether a tradesman or a DIY’er requiring fixings, hardware or hand tools, the Ruwag product range has you covered. 

The Ruwag solution is specific to both applications and users. 

SOLUTION BY APPLICATION: Whether drilling, cutting, sanding or fixing, Ruwag offers material-specific solutions for steel, masonry, wood and ceramic. 

SOLUTION BY USER: The multi-tier quality offering is easy to distinguish with a standard and industrial quality level option. The industrial level offering is also divided into varying degrees of quality within certain ranges. 

The Ruwag in-store display stands are eye-catching and attractive and demand customer attention. The bold and informative packaging reinforces the Ruwag brand whilst providing customers with all the information they need immediately. 

drill, cut, sand, fix precision tools

The Ruwag website is easy to navigate and has several educational how-to videos’s explaining the ins and outs of power tool accessories and fixings, ensuring the correct product is selected and improving product knowledge for the entire category. 

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