New closures division launched in response to market growth

The recently launched a caps and closures division in Riyadh, Saudi ArabiaDiversified global chemicals manufacturer, SABIC recently launched a caps and closures division in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It is set on addressing issues in a circular economy by using the latest environmentally friendly materials and solutions in the closures market.

‘With our extensive range of polyethylenes and polypropylenes, SABIC has built a strong position in the production of caps and closures. The market is growing and changing all the time. We are moving quickly to respond to current and future developments,’ says Hans Pierik, SABIC’s global caps and closures segment leader.

The company’s goal is to extend its application coverage across food and beverage and non-food areas alike. Its caps and closures portfolio spans a number of polyethylenes (PE) and polypropylenes (PP). SABIC also engineers polycarbonate plastic. 

‘This year we will be adding more innovative materials, including a new HDPE that makes it possible to cut weight in caps for carbonated soft drinks,’ Pierik adds.

The company has developed a new multi-modal grade of HDPE with excellent organoleptic properties. The SABIC HDPE CCX027C polymer combines excellent environmental stress cracking resistance (ESCR) with good flow characteristics. This allows cap manufacturers to design very lightweight closures. It also exhibits strong shear thinning. This means it has a relatively low MFI (0.8g per 10 minutes, 2.16kg). Its flow characteristics during injection moulding are similar to those of a unimodal HDPE with an MFI more than three times higher. 

Improvements to ESCR and physical properties such as stiffness and impact strength enable extra lightweighting. Reductions in required processing temperatures help processors save energy and cut cycle times. Better organoleptics assist in meeting the need for caps to have no effect on the taste of packaging contents, which is especially important for bottled water. SABIC has offices in Tunisia and Egypt.

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