Sabic’s new polymer resin nears commercialisation

A new polypropylene (PP) resin, the Sabic PP 514M12 delivers properties in melt-blown fibres for nonwoven fabricsSabic recently launched its new polypropylene (PP) resin product engineered to deliver enhanced properties in melt-blown fibres for nonwoven fabrics.

The product, designated Sabic PP 514M12, is suitable for a wide range of personal hygiene applications and can be used in other market segments. It is the first grade of a new family of high flow resin compounds, which the company started to develop two years ago. The resin is expected to be commercially available at the end of this year.

It is based on phthalate-free and odour-free technology. It offers good processability for melt-blown fibres with high levels of drawability, spinnability and uniformity.

The resulting nonwovens are developed to combine high barrier properties and absorption with breathability in thin and lightweight high performance webs of enhanced conformability and reduced material consumption.

The Sabic PP 514M12 can easily be tailored to specific customer and application needs. It has a final melt flow rate of >1 000g per 10 minutes.

Melt-blown fibres made from this polymer enable the manufacturing of lightweight and thin nonwovens. It also provides improved wearability and air permeability while maintaining good barrier properties.

The polymer resin is supplied in regular pellet form, which facilitates compact storage and easy handling and use.

Sabic has an extensive PP portfolio available from its regional office, based in Cape Town.

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