Fighting fungal infections naturally

Fungal toe nail infectionTetraPure, a patented ingredient from Sabinsa, has been developed as a novel inhibitor of fungi growth.

Authors from the company Muhammed Majeed (Ph.D), Pritee Paliwal (Ph.D) and Anurag Pande (Ph.D) detail the benefits and anti-fungal properties of the ingredient in white paper entitled TetraPure. Skin. Hair. Nails. Naturally.   

They explain mycoses, which are fungal infections affecting both humans and animals, and that approximately 90 per cent of fungal skin infections are caused by ‘dermatophytes’. These are parasitic fungi affecting the skin, hair and nails, with the latter being the most commonly occurring mycoses.

Ideal for cosmetics

‘TetraPure is an excellent ingredient for cosmetics formulations with proven efficacy against a wide range of fungi. It can also be a potential natural replacement for anti-fungal agents and topical steroids, which often are not free from side effects,’ the authors say. It can be used in a variety of applications from cream, shampoo, ointment and lotion to a spray or powder form for topical application in hair care, skin care and nail care formulations.

Proven efficacy

The white paper goes on to substantiate the claim Sabinsa makes regarding ‘TetraPure being a novel inhibitor of fungi growth’. Results of antifungal efficacy test using the agar dilution method are tabulated in the research document while data collected from in vitro studies on its skin lightening potential are also revealed.

To find out more about this novel ingredient, its antioxidant potential and activity against Candida species, click here to access and download Sabinsa’s TetraPure white paper.

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