SACMI labelers: market-leading versatility and productivity

Flexi OPERA and KUBE take labelling technology to the next level. A multi-material/multi-technology approach lets manufacturers respond effectively to every production requirement. Featuring optimised consumption, SACMI labellers are designed to meet the challenges of a sustainable returnable PET supply chain.

Labels make a statement about a product’s identity, making them essential branding tools. To ensure their proper application, SACMI Beverage provides comprehensive solutions that combine ultra-high productivity and versatility on various labeling technologies/systems.

Pack quality, product enhancement and a focus on sustainability are the hallmarks of SACMI Beverage, which has sold over 2,500 labelling machines worldwide (both stand-alone and integrated with complete stretch-blowing and filling lines).

Flexi OPERA, fast and versatile for demanding markets

A combination of ultra-high output rates and extreme versatility makes the Flexi OPERA labeller range – designed for any container type, cylindrical or shaped, in glass, plastic or metal – truly outstanding.

Over time, the long-standing SACMI OPERA range has evolved by taking a multi-material approach that complements the ability to use different labeling systems (such as the application of pre-cut, wrap-around or self-adhesive labels), all on a single platform.

The outcome? Manufacturers can also apply one or more labels on the same container using the same technology or a combination of different technologies such as cold glue, roll-fed, adhesive or hot melt.

Flexi OPERA is available in a range of configurations and can easily be installed on existing lines. Exceptional machine design optimises overall dimensions and delivers plenty of scope for customisation as per the customer’s needs.

Flexi Kube

KUBE: modular and plug&play for unrivalled format changeover versatility

The beverage industry is as vast as it is multi-faceted. It thus demands solutions optimised for both high volumes and the medium output rates on which format changeover speed/adaptability are essential. With KUBE, SACMI takes the ability to handle diversified product mixes and frequent changeovers to the next level.

On this labelling machine, all format changeover tasks can be managed directly via the operator interface. Users can save the various recipes and recall them as necessary. This means they can maintain maximum efficiency in sectors (such as wine, beer & spirits) where format changeovers are the order of the day and use multiple labelling technologies and systems.

From this perspective, KUBE offers an outstanding plug&play approach, its modular framework letting manufacturers add a wide range of options (such as cold glue, hot melt, self-adhesive) over time.

The machine incorporates an automatic bottle positioning system and is available with LVS (the labelling vision system developed by SACMI Computer Vision) to deliver comprehensive process quality control.

The challenge of returnable PET

Also optimised from a consumption standpoint, SACMI labellers are designed to incorporate new labelling systems/materials that aid the creation of a returnable PET supply chain. All over the globe, SACMI Beverage has already developed and installed many exclusive solutions.

These include the supply – in partnership with key raw material producers – of new washable glues and, alongside them, innovative systems that apply labels with fewer glue spots, thus making it easier to recycle PET containers for food use.

With wrap-around labels, the glue can be applied exclusively on the overlap area of the two flaps; during recycling, these are separated by a SACMI-supplied cutting tool.

Profitable and efficient, such solutions aim to accompany customers through the green transition: they do so by helping them face regulatory changes being enacted worldwide and ensuring they can respond to consumer demand for innovative, sustainable packaging.


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