Saflok 410 concealed fix sheeting performs like no other

Saflok 410 concealed fix sheeting eliminates the use of nails and screws for a neat, watertight finish.
Saflok 410 concealed fix roofing not only delivering incomparable performance but also offering an attractive, modern-looking profile that will add aesthetic appeal and value to your building.

Concealed fixing is a method whereby the roof sheets are fixed to the purlins via a clip system, eliminating the use of visible fixings such as nails and screws, which pierce the roof sheeting. In this system, the fixing clips are completely hidden, providing a product with a neat and perfectly watertight finish. Safintra’s Saflok concealed fix roofing is one of the most widely used systems available, with over 10million m2 having been installed in South Africa alone. Saflok 410 is the flagship brand in the Safintra stable – not only delivering incomparable performance but also offering an attractive, modern-looking profile that will add aesthetic appeal and value to your building.

Benefits of Saflok 410 concealed fix profile:

  • Clips under the roof sheet hold it in place – the sheet is not pierced by fasteners and remains completely watertight even at roof pitches as low as 2⁰
  • Wide pans and high ribs allow for excellent water drainage off a large surface area
  • Unpierced sheets enable extended expansion and contraction, ensuring that the roof remains watertight, even when the sheets are as long as 100m
  • Aesthetically pleasing shadow lines and natural spring curving allow for design flexibility in modern design trends
  • Sheets can be rolled on site in lengths up to 120m.

When it comes to concealed fix roofing, the design of the clips is exceptionally important. The clip serves as the ‘anchor’ that secures the sheet to the sub-structure and holds it down in all weather conditions. Therefore clips have a direct impact on the wind-uplift resistance of the system.

Safintra’s premier concealed fix profile, Saflok 410, has been effectively used for over a decade along the notoriously wind-torn coastline of the Western and Eastern Cape. The clip engages all three ribs of the concealed fix sheet, providing excellent hold-down capability in negative wind-uplift tests. It can be made from either Aluminium or Aluminium-Zinc coated steel, ensuring bi-metallic compatibility with the sheeting. Furthermore, the engineer-designed geometry of Saflok 410’s anchor unit allows for optimal performance under high wind loads and foot traffic.

Saflok 410 was independently tested to reaffirm the profile’s impressive performance data in the field, with the results exceeding all industry norms. The test report highlighted exceptional results in:

  • Serviceability – 3.15kPa resistance of the system
  • Wind uplift performance – no ultimate limit state failure at 4.6kPa
  • Point loads – excellent rigidity and no deformations following the application of positive point loads.

Safintra has expanded its Saflok 410 mobile mill offering to Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal, while continuing to service the Western and Eastern Cape regions. Saflok 410 can be ordered in any length required, although on-site rolling is recommended for lengths in excess of 13.2m due to practical transportation requirements. This premium profile is backed by a full Safintra warranty and is available countrywide.

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