SAPITI embraces technology

SAPITI training

SAPITI training for 2016 includes the latest technological developments that will launch SAPMA’s training arm into electronic IT age.

SAPITI’s training for 2016 includes the latest IT technological developments, offering students and tutors a more streamlined and effective learning experience.

“These technological advancements have recently resulted in SAPMA being appointed as an Assessment Quality Partner (AQP) by the Quality Council of Trades and Occupations (QCTO) which requires SAPMA to develop and maintain a national databank of standardised assessment instruments appropriate to assessment strategy and the Signify Student Management System. Thanks to funding by the Chemical Industries Education Training Authority (CHIETA), Questionmark, a software development programme managed by Bytes People Solutions, was purchased to achieve these objectives,” says Mandy Linossi.

Mandy says Questionmark provides technologies and services that enable organisations to measure knowledge, skills securely and achieve successful learning outcomes. Included are comprehensive assessment authoring, scheduling, delivery and reporting capabilities such as surveys, quizzes, tests and exams.

“Since the introduction of the Questionmark programme, SAPITI’s first phase of training its tutors to master authoring has already taken place, which enables the development of written assessments in electronic format. This means that the traditional Computer Marked Assessments (CMAs or multiple choice questions) can now be submitted from a student’s laptop or PC.  Students will then receive their results immediately.

“SAPITI is very thrilled with the positive implications of these new developments and the benefits to students who can now immediately track their progress. We plan to develop mid-term assessments into the same format. SAPMA and SAPITI have indeed joined the electronic age!” adds Linossi.

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