Schülke wins European patent protection proceedings

Schulke-logoIt has been confirmed by the opposition division of the European Patent Office that Schülke & Mayr holds unrestricted European patent protection for several of its preservatives for cosmetics and toiletries.

One of the company’s core products, euxyl PE 9010, is among those protected by this ruling. It also confirmed continued European patent protection for Schülke’s sensiva PA 20 and euxyl K 900. All of these products are available locally from Savannah Fine Chemicals.

Conveying confidence among customers

Schülke’s MD, Bertrand Masselot, comments: ‘This decision in favour of our company provides legal certainty for our customers and for us.’

Euxyl PE 9010 is one of the workhorses of the company’s portfolio. This preservative blend contains the multifunctional active ingredient ethylhexylglycerin combined with phenoxyehtanol – an aromatic alcohol – to provide broad spectrum antimicrobial efficacy. The product enjoys global prominence and is used by many leading international producers of cosmetics.

A trusted alternative

Euxyl PE 9010 is counted among the most effective alternatives to the increasing number of active ingredients that are under public scrutiny and regulatory discussion. It allows for a broad range of usage, even with high pH values, and is easy to handle.

Schülke developed euxyl PE 9010 at its in-house R&D facility and introduced it to market in 2004. The patent protection continues to extend to Europe and the USA.

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